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I want to loose weight.

I am 21, and my weight is 55kg and I want to loose weight as most of the fat is in my stomach area. please tell me a diet plan and which exercise I should do.
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Well, cleaning up the diet is a huge part of it.  This doesn't have to be anything fancy, the easy formula of less portion size and healthy choices.  Lean meats, lots of vegi's and fruits, healthy grains. Example for dinner---  baked chicken, quinoa, broccoli and fruit for dessert.  Kind of like that.  A salad for lunch with a bit of pumpkin seeds for protein or hard boiled egg, light dressing.  Oatmeal for breakfast.  Fruit, yogurt, nuts for snacks.  Lots of water. No soda.  

And then really, cardio is the best thing to lose weight.  Strength training a couple of weeks helps with metabolism.  But if you can get regular cardio (walking, running, biking, exercise class, swimming, etc.)-- most days of the week, you'll be good!  Let us know how it goes!!
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You don't say how tall you are or how muscular.  I mean, if you're over six feet tall you're not overweight, but if you're short, you are.  How much overweight you are determines how much change you need in your diet as far as weight is concerned, though health is another story entirely.  You also don't say how much you're exercising now.  If you have fat in your stomach area that's an indication that you're eating too much in the way of simple carbs, such as alcohol, sugar, and white flour.  The basic, healthiest diet has never changed, though fads come and go, and that's a diet high in grains, veggies, and protein from fish and pulses.  Moderate intake of animal food.  This just keeps being the diet that is the healthiest and the one that areas with the least obesity follow.  As for exercise, as you're young, you have a lot of options if you're not exercising now.  Weight training is great for losing fat and putting on muscle, but does require an additional amount of protein intake to be effective.  Cardio is always good for the heart and for weight loss if its enough.  But exercise is only part of the problem -- most people really don't need to exercise unless they live sedentary lives.  Most of us like to move, so we play, but again, the healthiest people studied over time with the least obesity overall don't necessarily do formal exercise but do not live sedentary lives-- they walk or bike to where they're going and don't sit in a chair all day.  Not an easy life to lead these days, so now exercise has become more important, but the key is movement.
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Intermittent Fasting. However, that comes from a person with an eating disorder. However, it does work.
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