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I'm 21 and I want to lose at least 40 lb in a month and I'm 260 lb

What do I eat to lose weight I need a coach
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Losing 20lb in a month is hard and not quite good for your body since its crash diet. But if you really want to, i have a suggestion. Eat cereal (the vegan healthy low fat type) max 3 times a day a bowl each, you can add a grape with it if you want. Dont eat anything else for the time being. Plus 3 times a week at gym.  Use pt if you can. My friend did this and lose 30lb in 2 months. Hope this helps.
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260lbs?  No magic cure. I am a male and was 310lbs. I was introduced to Overeaters Anonymous. I had to work the program. I also attend phone meetings. That is OA HOW
Phone number for a Wednesday night meeting is 559-726-1300 -- Access Code: 136342# Hope this helps.
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Trying to lose 40 pounds in one month is very unhealthy, as is eating only on type of food.  You would not be getting anywhere near the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.  

1-2 lbs/week is considered safe weight loss, therefore 8-10 lbs/month should be the maximum you try to lose.
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Have you been tested for hypothyroid disease? If you have it and you take your meds the weight will come off pretty easy.
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