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Im forced to diet :) low sodium diet

Update********* so i havent been here in a long while, but now i must go on a low sodium diet i was in the hospitalfor three days i had pnemonia severe bladder infection and congestive heart failure soo i had to give up smoking cold turkey yes hard to do but have not caved yet

so i need some things that i can eat with out gaining to much weight plus it has to be in low sodium soo an help would be gr8 plz :) and thank you
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Hi i saw this a few days ago, but unfortunatly i dont know anything about low sodium diets,so i didnt respond, sorry about that.
but when i saw it again today i just wanted to say welcome back, and im sorry you have been so ill. i gave up smoking 10 yrs ago, i was a cronic asthmatic on a daily nebuliser and 3 inhalers, since giving up within 2 weeks i stopped all meds and havent needed them since, so good luck with the not smoking (just a tip when ever i thought i needed a smoke i cleaned my teeth to keep my mouth fresh it helped me) glad your back and good luck
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You can eat almost anything that you'd eat on a sensible diet - just don't add salt.  AND try not to eat a lot of packaged products as most of them have WAY more salt than any of us needs........  

As always, stick with fruits, veggies, lean meats, low fat dairy, whole grains, etc.  Carrot and celery sticks were my "life savers" when I had to quit smoking a couple of years ago.  

Good luck and Welcome back.
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