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I've started!!!

I worked out using my pilates video. It's only a 20 minute video, and I made it through 15 minutes until my back hurt so bad I had to stop, but I tried!!! The more I do it the better it will get, just have to strengthen my back again, darn that anesthesiologist!
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Good for you!  I need to invest in either a pilates or tai chi video.  Must get moving...
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You have just provided the encouragement to go on a "house hunt" for my pilates CD/tape .. don't even remember which one it is.  Pilates builds our core and you did wonderfully to make it through 15 minutes!!!!  Yeahhhhh YOUUUUUU!!!!!!

You should also pat yourself on the back for stopping when your back hurt.  That is our body's way of saying .. ok .. stop here and continue more.

Oh .. and you didn't "try" .. YOU DID IT!!!!!!   Thanks for sharing and Congratulations on incorporating this healthy exercise into your life!!!  
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Thank you both, I put my son in his highchair with a bitter biscuit, and went to work. He was starting to get tired of it right as my back started hurting~~~perfect timing. I decided to start off every other day, and go as long as I can. I have two and I did the one that doesn't show the easier exercises with it. They're modified for sensitive necks and backs. Oh and TrudieC I have limewire, it's a program that you can download movies from. Fortunately I live in S Korea for now and you don't have to pay for it here, I'm not sure how much it is per month, but it's well worth it. You can download as many movies as you want, and there's tons of them. I can usually download new movies before they are in theaters. They aren't all the best of quality, but it's better than paying 15-20 dollars each. My mid section is where I need to lose the most, stomach, thighs and butt, so I'm hunting down some butt and thigh videos, plus I have tae bo, Billy Blanks' Tae Bo videos are good, but can be confusing, they jump from one exercise to another quickly, and often without explaining what they're going to move into...
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When I'm looking at exercise videos I go to www.Exercise TV.TV  
They have alot of streaming videos (full length for free) you can watch on your computer.  The Yoga is my fav.

smjmekg: Way to go.  Sometime starting is the hardest part.

Love flying your way,

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Thanks for the info!
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Pilates is A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!  I was in the process of getting certified to teach it when I killed my knee 2 years ago.  Since I already had several other certifications, I didn't pursue it.  

(I should explain that pilates will in NO WAY HURT YOUR KNEE(S), MINE WAS ALREADY HURT !  I just had to take time off and never went back to it.)

I still do pilates when there's a class offered that fits into my driving schedule.  Like Ranae said, good for core strength.  What I like about Pilates, it builds all-over strength but at a pace that is more like that of a Yoga class.  Oh!  Do Iove Pilates!!!

Good for you!  You are off to a GREAT start!  There is NO HURRY!!!  

(limewire is dangerous, though!!!  you can get THE WORST COMPUTER VIRUS'S from that sight !!!  I'd much rather pay for a video than shut down my computer !!!)
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We have a MAC. It's different than a regular PC (Gateway, Dell, etc.), where a regular PC can contract many viruses, a MAC only has three known viruses it can get, and it's very hard to get them (husband works with computers, that's how I know). So, I'm not too worried about viruses.

Thank you ladies again, I didn't do my pilates again today because yesterday I played volleyball for at least an hour, and I had drill this weekend so I was working.
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I, too, am a MAC snob!  My dau downloaded limewire and we did NOT get a virus, but out of principal, I removed the program from my computer.  I did not want to steal stuff, plus who wants poor quality ANYTHING (music, videos, etc.).
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Well, in Korea I don't care if we have it because they don't charge you here, supposedly. Plus we went to the website and there's a link to download limewire free. I don't see the harm in getting crappier quality movies for free rather than spending out the rear to get them to have them get possibly get scratched or for the next new "lets make movies on this and you can play them on that". Just like VHS to DVD, I'm sure they'll come up with something new sooner or later.
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