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Losing weight.

Does anyone have any tips for losing baby weight? It's been 19 months since I had Elijah and I've got 30 lbs left. I gained about 40 and only lost 10 after I had him. Most of it I gained in the last two months and I thought it was from water weight because I swelled up so much. I've had back problems since my c-section with him, and actually had a doctors appointment today where I got told to set up physical therapy appointments because he can still tell on my back where they put the needle in. They tried 5 times and then someone else came in and got it on the first try, so I got poked 6 times total. I can't stand long or it hurts, I can't do more than ten sit ups in a row, and have now been told not to do them at all right now. I don't really eat junk food, I do drink milk, water, and juice. My lunch is usually a turkey sandwich on wheat bread or an everything bagel, and dinner is always some form of meat a carb and vegetable, unless I make something like spaghetti, lasagna, shrimp/chicken alfredo, etc. I don't eat a lot and I usually have coffee for breakfast. We're TTC number two, and I think losing more weight will help, and I've been trying to lose weight, I can't normally get to the gym due to DH's schedule, and lack of a sitter. Any advice? I did try hydroxycut and lost 3 lbs in 11 days, but TTC I don't want to take diet pills. I have read that the slim fast diet is ok even when you're pregnant.
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