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Low Carb Diets

Are low carb plans safe and effective?
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Some people swear by low carb diets; however, my feeling is that your body needs all of the food groups, so by cutting out carbs, you could be depriving your body of necessary nutrients, etc.  If you do go on a carb free diet and lose weight, most likely, you will gain it back if you go off the plan.  

If you stick with the complex carbs - fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc - and eliminate the simple carbs - such as sugar, white flour, regular pasta, etc, - you should do better. Of course, you still have to limit your portions.

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I've done it and done it and done it. It never stays off. It's great if you do it forever. Low carb does not have to mean no carb. You end up just eating the good carbs and in smaller amounts than most people. You don't have to eat bacon and pork rinds and it doesn't have to be unhealthy if you do it right. Most people don't do it right. They don't eat any carbs and then pig out on high fat protein. You can't go on and off as you please. Your body works differently on it and has a hard time switching back and forth. If you like it do it but I would have to say just follow the food pyramid and count your calories.

You will lose fast and then slow down. Most of what you lose in the first two weeks is water. After that it's 2-3 pounds per week and as you increase your carbs you will slow down even more.

My final verdict is -  It's just not worth it!
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I believe that yo-yo dieting of any type will always come right back, if you change back to what made you fat in the first place.
No diet will cause you to keep weight off without adjusting either carbs or calories after you reach your target weight. I've been studying and it seems that we all could use a lot less carbs in our diet no matter what, and there are benifits in it for everyone.
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