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Low carb ideas?

Well, I'm back on the weight loss wagon! I am so happy and this time I am sticking to it! I try to do as low carb as I can, meaning in phase 1 of Atkins your only allowed 20 net carbs....a DAY! To me that is not enough, since I don't eat much meat and my greens vary. So I have just cut the carb amount in half of what I would normally eat and so far it has been working. I weighed myself last Friday 1/11 and couldn't help myself this morning so I weighed myself again. In less than a week I lost 6.2lbs. I am thrilled! So, I see what I have been doing is working so far.

Now my problem is breakfast. I love eggs, but only I can stomach so many of them. Even though I am following the Atkins plan…to a certain degree, I am still watching the fat content in how much I consume. So, no I do not eat 3 eggs and bacon every day. Lately I have been having 2 hard boiled eggs and a plain non fat Greek yogurt.  Both fill me up till lunch, but I know if I eat this every day I am going to grow old of this. Today I had a low carb wrap, with 2 TBSP of PB2 peanut butter [that is the powered peanut butter you make with water, which is so good by the way!] and sugar free grape jelly. I also had later in the morning 2 hard boiled eggs. Breakfast too me, is the worst. I love bagels and bagels on low carb is a HUGE no no! So what else could I eat that would be filling? Cereal is out, although I do eat [sometimes] the HiLo low carb cereal. But to me, it is boring. Cereal never does anything for me, which is why I never was a big cereal eater.

My lunch is good. I normally eat some type of lean meat [mostly chicken or turkey, not a big fan of red meat], with lower carb veggies along with a huge salad.  Snacks are good too, I make my own using almond meal and coconut flour since I love cupcakes. Last night I made chocolate chip banana cake cookies with almond meal…no sugar, oil or eggs! They came out great!

So any ideas for a low carb filling breakfast…other than eggs?

Thank you!
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