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More exercise = More calories?

Okay... so I have been eating right around 1500 calories a day and I have been working out about an hour to an hour and a half a day burning around 1200 calories a day.. Should I up my calories or is what I am eating sufficient enough? I guess I should also mention I am pregnant .. in my first trimester.. I got the okay from my doctor to continue my exercise as long as I feel okay while doing it.. and he told me I need to eat an extra 300 calories a day for the baby but not to start that until the 2nd trimester...
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How are you sure of your calorie burn?  I don't know how much you weigh or how tall you are, etc, but do make sure you eat enough to maintain a healthy pregnancy.
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I ride stationary bike and i use the online calculator... your weight.. how fast you ride and for how long.   im 5 11' and 221 lbs.
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Wow - you must be determined, if you can ride a stationary bike for an hour and a half -- I get bored after 10 minutes....lol...        By the "online calculator" - do you mean the one on MH or another one?  

I guess I'm questioning your using 1200 calories in a hour and a half, for exercising and only taking in 1500 calories.  At that rate, for your height and weight, you should be losing weight extremely fast as it would appear that you are not allowing enough calories.  

Your body requires a certain # of calories just to function (breathing, digesting, etc) - and according to your calculations, you are only allowing 300 calories for those basics.  

I could be totally wrong though.  Maybe some others will chime in soon.  
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yeah i use the one here on mh.. i also ride the bike at 20 mph... and i walk as well.. yeah im not dropping the weight all that fast .. i have lost 20 lbs in 2 months but with being pregnant its hard to drop the weight because of water (bloating) weight plus all the extra blood and such running through me.. thats why i think im not eating enough.. i think i need to up my calories to like 2000 or 2500.. since finding out i was pregnant i have still lost 9 lbs.. which is great.. check out my exercise tracker ..
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