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Motivation tips?!?

I'm new to this site, and was curious on how everyone keeps their motivation or motivates them self to keep on with dieting and exercising. This is my biggest issue, MOTIVATION.. It's like I have no energy to get out and do something. I do have severe allergies. So I've been told that's a lot of my energy loss. So any tips would be appreciated :)
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Just think of the success of your motivated self. When I'm tired I say to myself. "I'm tired but motivated by success" I also think of things I'd like to do and think how confident I'd be while working out and bettering myself. For allergies, talk to your doctor. Get some allergy pills and take your vitamins and go out and get work done. Motivation is key!  You have a goal, go out and get it! :)
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I take group fitness classes and develop friends doing that. It makes me look forward to working out. As for diet I ask a few of my friends to help prevent me from eating junk whenever they see me. Set short term goals. Like: I have to look good for the beach on this date. Seeing results is also motivating. Measure yourself weekly.
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