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Needed time out

Thank you to everyone who has messaged me this week... I just needed some time out - life has been very stressful and I found the only stress I could remove for a while was the pressure I put on myself to eat right... so I have had a week of eating anything and everything that I have wanted... it has felt good mentally... but physically I know I have pulled on a few pounds and I feel sluggish and I have had 4 bad IBS attacks......

BUT I needed the space to breathe again and to enjoy things like chocolate brownie sundaes -  750 calories for one.... Am I advocating taking a break ?? NO but I am saying a break does not have to be the end of the road -  a break can be jsut that a few days of respite ftom the pressure we put on ourselves...

So Sunday I will do the dreaded weigh in.... between now and then I will finish all the naughty goodies I have around.... and Sunday I am back on the right road.. back in control and back on the weight loss journey.

Thanks again to those who have left emails and notes :)
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What an incredible, wise and inspiring woman you are.  The lesson of learning to not beat ourselves up or give up ... and get back on our plan ... is a testament to your strength, determination and fortitude you have to realize your dream.  You know how to be kind to yourself and you are teaching others by your example.  Thank you for sharing and so glad to hear you've taken the time to recoup ... you've been under an incredible amount of stress.  I truly admire your dedication as a mother and your friendship.  Very best wishes ...
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Welcome back!
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Thanks Ladies -  anyone want to guess how much damage I have done in 1 week...weight wise... I was 175.8lb last Sunday -  my own guess is this coming Sunday I will be 180lb (if I'm lucky!)
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Welcome back! we have missed you! what an inspiration you are to all of us!
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Thanks Skailark....we will see what Sunday says and how inspirational I feel haha but it's good to be back :)
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Glad to see you back.  At least you will be here for the challenge!
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Just reading about that -  not sure its for me but I will be watching with interest :)
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Well I am pleased to say I have only gained a little over 2lb and not the 5lb+ I was expecting -  so here I am back on the waggon... and ready to roll :)
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Wow! that's fantastic news!
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Hiya love, it's good to see you back again.  You did really exceptionally well to just gain 2lbs.  You must be well pleased with that.  Hope you're feeling brighter and hope your son is now feeling better.  Love and hugs x
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daves recovered really well frm his op-  he has been allowed to go abck swimming and horseriding this week so he is happy.

I was very happy with the small weight gain -  and it came down a bit today -  so yep feeling good again :)
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