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I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I just joined the medhelp website last night as both my husband and I have decided that we want to get back into shape.  I'm 25 5'9" and 230lbs.....not my happiest moment.

Anyhow, I just want to thank you all in advance for the support and encouragement.  I'm being optimistic that I will stick with my exercise and eating plans.  I'm going to be using "The Firm" workout DVDs and weights and can hardly wait.  Have any of you used these DVDs? I used them before my wedding and the 1st couple times about kicked my butt....then about a week into it, I realized that I was breathing normal and not getting winded, as well as doing the routines more smoothly.

I look forward to making new weight loss friends/partners and reading all about your successes:) Can't wait to drop back down to a size 9.....that's my goal:)
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Welcome to Medhelp -  you will find lots of encouragement and support here.

(when I read your post first time I read BOTH MY HUSBANDS AND I lol)
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Yay! welcome and good luck!!  
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Welcome to our forum.

I'm happy to hear that both you and your husband will be on the same program -- that makes things a lot easier...My hubby is "rail thin" so my weight loss "woes" often fall on deaf ears -- except for my buddies here on MH.

I'm not familiar with "The Firm" dvd - can you tell me/us about it?  My favorite is "Biggest Loser - Yoga for Weight Loss".  I did it faithfully for some time and was doing really well with losing; then "life" took over and I've spent most of the winter just "getting by".  I'm looking for time/motivation to get going again.  

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Welcome! My husband and I are teamed up together too. Age 30 is getting closer & we want to be in shape by then! I wish you both luck & steadfastness.
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Thanks for all the encouragement:)

The Firm exercise DVDs are made specifically for women. It combines strength training, cardio, and weight lifting with a little bit of dancing as well.  It tells you which DVD to do each day and if you have a day where you can't do the full 45-60 minutes workouts, they have "Turbo" workouts...which are more intense but shorter workouts to help you fit in your busier schedule.

Obviously my husband is watching them with me, he's jogging (lol) but I already felt the soreness this morning.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it all works out...they said you'll notice results in 10 days....I noticed last time I did them that my pants were already sliding off my bum in a week...

Good luck to all of you and I hope to keep up with how you're all doing!
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