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Now is the time to plan your menu!

Its time to plan your holiday strategy, folks.

This year, the Peeks will be doing a vegetarian Thanksgiving.  We used to be vegetarian, and fell by the wayside years ago.  We want so much to get back to that healthy feeling we had back then.

So this year, I'm just looking and planning my menu.  I know we will have to have my world famous Grape Nuts "Meetloaf", and skinny mashed potatoes, but the rest is up for grabs.   I'd like to do a roasted acorn squash/wild rice stuffing kind of thing, and some type of vegetable casserole, like a green bean casserole, too.

I will be making my world famous unhealthy pecan pie, but after one slice each, the rest will go to work with me since I work that night.  I can make my co-workers fat.  

What are you thinking about making?   And remember, head over to Healthy Cooking and post your recipe.  If you can make the dish and post a photo...that would be ideal, and you'll be included in the recipe slideshow.  
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I'm torn between the veggie casserole or simply roasted root vegetables, which I think would be easier.  
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I'm planning a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (turkey and dressing, ham, mashed taters, etc) to accommodate the guests, but I'm in "portion control" mode, so I *think* I can have a bit of everything without completely blowing myself out of the water.  

I always have plenty of fresh, raw veggies to nibble on, and that's normally what I fill up on.  In addition, I'll probably make a broccoli casserole to go with it all.

I, too, will be making my famous (in our family) pecan pie, but one thin slice will be sufficient for me.  I haven't decided if I will make pumpkin or key lime pie (made with fat free whipped topping) to accommodate the guests........ most of what's left over will go home with the guests, because hubby doesn't care much for left overs and *I* don't need them........ whatever the guests don't take home, I will take to work to share.  

I do have a recipe to post in Healthy Cooking - even have it made; just haven't had time to do the pic and get it posted......... maybe tomorrow evening...........
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