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Obessed with eating

I am an eighteen year old girl and I have developed an over eating problem. I was wondering if there are any tricks on how to kick this obsession?
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What Iv done is first try to keep myself busy and if you do snack don't eat out of the container measure out a portion for yourself. Then what you should start to do is replace those snacks with healthy choices(fruit, yogurt, ect) and after that cut back on those snacks also
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You created the obsession and you're the only one that knows why.  

Over eating will cause your to gain weight and create health issues.  Yes, we all like those delicious meals,but you are clear that it is an obsession.  

Talk to your doctor and address the issues.   Your too young to ruin your life in this manner and must find another way to cope, then to enter willingly  an area that people struggle to save their lives.  

I wish you the best.
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I struggle with this during my "off season" I tend to eat every and anything that I've kept away from while dieting. It's extremely unhealthy, I feel it all over my confidence plummets with it as well. To begin, start asking yourself if you are truly hungry, eating with your eyes (want it because it's there), or simply bored. Try drinking more fluids, often times our bodies are just dehydrated. Healthy snacks are also great to kick certain habits
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Have you tried attending an OA, over eaters anonymous, meeting. I was a compulsive eater at your age, it helped recognize what was going on and I had and support system in my area to go to when I needed help.
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