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Percentages of Protein, Fat, Carbs a Day?

I've been tracking my eating habits for several days now and I am heavy on the carbs. I am also seeing that I am very low on protein. Could this influence my being tired and low energy a lot?
What are the healthy recommendations of percentages of proteins, carbs, and fats we take in per day?
Would appreciate any help as I move towards a healthier lifestyle and eating habits.
Thank you,
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Carb can make you tired if your not using them up in your day but it's more likly that you need to just add some more protien in to your diet. Protien is very important in can make a huge difference in sustaining a good energy level. Carbs are easier for the body to use but if you dont use them then they can make you tired as well but I really would change only the protein intake first increase the protien you eat if that helps but dose not quite work fully then reduce your carbs a little or just try exercising more. That may sound strange to exercise when your tired but really if you can push threw the tiredness to start with you really do feel better after for having done the exercise. I get really tired when I dont exercise in some way threw my day. Before I got my tachycardia problem exercise helped big time. If in the end you still feel tired I reall would talk to Dr or a dietition and they might be able to help your more. So many things can cause low energy including not eating enough for your body type or because you have certain medical conditions that mean you have eat different to other people in some way. Its all good and well to ask for percentages and reconmendations etc but in the end you are an indvidual and your body may be struggling to take needed nutriants from the food your eating or any number of other facters can cause low energy.

Right now I'm struggling to figure out why my body seem to loose weight when I eat some unhealthier foods like chocolate but yet when I eat compleatly healthy I gain weight. I'm on a waiting list to see a dietition, between my food allergies, and my mental illness and now my tachycardia and sudden drops in BP (which dont happen as much now that I'm Ivabradine for my tachycardia) I'm really struggleing to find a diet that maintains my energy level so I can be active and also helps me loose weight. My body seems to be demanding lots patasium and sodium to maintain my BP and energy level but because I'm maintaining my BP threw my diet on my it took Dr's longer to figure out my BP was dropping it was not till I was put in hospital and was eating a hospital diet(what I could eat of it) that on the 3rd day in hopsital my BP issues and tachycardia really started to show them self. I kept asking my Dr about what if I my diet was hiding a problem but she said it would not do that. Now after talking to a friend about her BP issues and Dr's telling her to drink sports drinks to help her LOW BP and eat heaps of sodium as well I really am sure I truly was self medicating so to speak threw my diet.I no longer need sport drinks to maintain my energy unless I have exercised and pushed my self to hard to fast. My body is slowly getting back it's strength now that I'm Ivabradine and I'm glad cause I love walking and I was begining to dread standing and walking due to becoming tachy every time I tried. I was getting to 185 just walking slowly.

I hope you find your answer to help you soon. Take care.
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ideally - your diet should be:

45-65% Carb
10-35% Protein
20-35% fat (max)
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really that much percentage of fat's...

If that is correct that may explain why I loose weight while eating chocolate or other unhealthier foods and not when I eat compleatly healthy food's. I thought I use to eat not enought fats in the past but I did not think that I needed to eat that much.
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Yep that is recommended values -  but it al depends -  on what fats you are consuming -  there is good fats and bad fats -  saturated fats and non saturated fats - Your body needs a good fat percentage - if you use the food diary on here and look at tehr eports you can keep a check on your food values and daily percentages :)
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I've managed with the help of you and all and the Tracker to keep a good balance of fats, proteins and carbs. I'm also keeping the calories down to a weight-loss level. It's funny, years ago when I maintained a healthy weight, I counted calories.
Then all the other diets came on board: low-carb, low-fat, etc. and I gained and couldn't seem to lose. Now that I've returned to calorie counting and balancing, it's amazing how much sense it makes again. This feels like the first time I've really eaten a healthy diet and am losing weight too.
And it's not a diet, it's the way I eat now. Feels good and I'm amazed at the weight I'm shedding.
Thank heavens for this board and for all of you to help!
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I think the key to loosing weight is not a diet, but instead life style changes. You can diet all you like but as soon as go back your normal habbits you've undone all your hard work. The more you change in your daily habbits and create better habbits of eating and exercise the better off you'll be in the long run.
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So today is a month after  my ablation procedure. I'm feeling very good, energetic and stable.

AND, eating healthy foods and combining my fats, carbs, and proteins and counting calories, I've lost 17.5 pounds since the ablation!!! (I have a lot to loose).

I like eating healthy and the next step is to begin moving...walking inside to Leslie Sansone will be first, then moving outdoors.

Bless you all for the support you give and the inspiration your journey's provide to others!
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No, the fact that you lose weight eating chocolate has nothing to do with eating fats, because chocolate has very little fat.  

The fats the Whatawoman is referring to is the "good" fats that we need; such as those found in olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, etc...........

I'm now sure why you lose weight eating chocolate, except that SOME chocolate is good for you, so long as it's not milk chocolate.......

I wonder if you the reason you don't lose weight on a healthier diet is because you don't get enough protein from lean meats, fiber from veggies AND the healthy fats.  Sometimes when we "eat healthy", we tend to cut calories too much and our food isn't as healthy as we think it is.........

It doesn't appear that you are using the food diary; that could be a huge help to you.
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