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Raw Vegetable Diet

I want to lose weight on Raw Vegetable Diet , While don't know if it can provide the body with all the essential nutrients to maintain health,What do you think about this Diet ?Give me some suggestions ! Thanks !!!

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I have a girlfriend who went on this but she found it extraordinarily hard to follow.  She did lose some weight but she ended up with some other health issues (weird rash and swelling) that the doctors can't figure out and don't know if it is related to the diet.  I have heard a lot of good things about it but couldn't do it myself.
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Diets are a spooky thing for me..I have never seen a friend who went on a "diet" and was able to keep off the weight for ever. Only exercise and eatig healthy can make u stay strong and keep off the weight.
That said I also have to say that vegetable are my favorites.They are full of nutriton and surely they are a must in your everyday food..
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While the concept of eating raw vegetables and fruits to preserve their nutritional components has value, a Raw Vegetable Diet does not offer a well balanced diet, which I believe to be a crucial component to successful, healthy weight loss.  I share your concern that all the essential nutrients would not be met.  

Really  glad to have you here in the Weight Loss & Dieting Community.  Hope you'll stay and join us on a regular basis.

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I have read almost every article I can get my hands on pertaining to this topic. I absolutly love it and am excited to try it. Its a lifestyle, not a diet. You cant just eat that way, loose weight, then go back to eating the way you were... you have to make it a lifestyle. Iv read about "dead foods". These are foods like bread, grains, dairy, meat, and pastas... anything man-made. Natural foods are those that we can grow in the ground. these are known as "live-foods", and by eating dark green, leafy veggies, and nuts, you can get all the protein you need. Eating meat to get protein is in my opinion, not good, as the meat often has steroids, and growth hormons (which is what helps people get big muscles).
By eating "dead foods", we are slowly killing ourselves. Our hair turns gray, we turn weak, get deseases, die of heart attacks, heart disease, and die early. Try eating lots of veggies, nuts, fruits, and lots and lots of water! Your body will thank you!
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