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Really wAnna loose 8-10kgs more۔۔۔

Hi guys ... i was 79 kgs two months before .... by doing dieting n walk at least for 10 days... i lost 2 kgs...... later on ... i joined the gym ... i was 77 kgs one n half month ago ..... its been 40 days since i've joined gym .... i worked really hard... gave max 2 hours to gym ... been dieting strictly .... but yes sometime have cheat meal too
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i lost 6 kgs .... but now my weight has stopped loosing .... dont know whyy ... dont know where am i going wrong... diet is almost the same.... have completely cut out fast food coke chocolates etc..... need help guys
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And training really hard at gym .... its quite ... demotivating for me... its been 8 days since i've been stuck between 71 and 72 kgs on scale ....
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What's you height -- how overweight are you, in other words.  What's your daily diet like? What's your exercise routine?
My height is 5 feet.... n my weight is 72 .... on 4 dec i joined gym ... with gym and balanced diet i lost 5-6 kgs till now.... but its now 8 to 9 days i hAve lost nothing .... n my weight is constantly shuffling bw 71 n 71
In breakfast m taking 2 slices for brown bread with egg whites..... after coming back from gym i take an apple .. n yes i hit the gym for 2 hours....
At 4pm i take one chappati with vegetables... (or chicken ) ... whatever is cooked in home .. i have one serving size of that with one chapatti.... then do walk for an hour with two minutes running ...  n have green tea twice a day
At 7pm i take any fruit guava or an orange....

After 7pm i dont eat anything .... 10pm is my bed time .... i do 20 mints workout at 9pm ... (aerobics,crunches, ) ... n then i go to bed.....

Here it is.... where am i going wrong???
I know this is going to sound weird, but if you're doing two hours at the gym and walking and exercising again later, assuming your gym workout is rigorous, you're actually not eating enough!  Eating too little can be as hard on your metabolism as eating too much, as your body can go into starvation prevention mode.  What you need isn't a diet but a new normal, a way of eating that prevents muscle wasting but that doesn't metabolize into sugar quickly.  You also are perhaps not eating enough fat -- you need healthy fat for your body to properly function.  Also, fruit is probably fine in the quantity you're eating it but it is high in sugar.  I really don't know why your results have stopped -- it could just be temporary -- but again, if you're working out as hard as it sounds like you are, you're not eating enough protein or healthy fats or vegetables.  Only change I can suggest is to study nutrition more, and perhaps switch that chapati to roti.
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