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Who’s ready for bikini time??  

I know, I know, some of you still have 20° with snow on the ground and icy roads, but with just over 16 weeks before the first day of summer, there's no time like the present to start getting “fit and fine” for the bikini, bathing suit, sundress, shorts and tank top, or whatever your favorite dress is for summer.  Let's not forget the prom, best friend or granddaughter's wedding that might be coming up - we want to look awesome for those, too.  I, actually, have a great-niece getting married at the end of May, so I don't even have until summer!!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I found it pretty daunting when I knew I had to lose 40 lbs, so I set smaller goals, breaking it into 2-5 lb increments. It didn’t seem so hard and I was thrilled that I was able to lose 26 lbs in just a few months.  I stalled for a while then lost some more; now with about 20 lbs left to go, I have to finish the job.

Safe weight loss is, typically, 1-2 lbs/week and because I have medical conditions that make it difficult to lose weight, I think trying to lose 1 lb/wk is probably a reasonable goal and it sounds a lot easier than losing 20 lbs.  I’m challenging all of you to “meet or beat” my goal of losing 1 lb/week.  

All you have to do to join is make a commitment to lose at least 1 pound/week.  It can’t be *that* hard, right??  Hmmm, we’ll see about that!!  LOL

Here we go; just post below that you’d like to join in then start losing.  You can pick whatever eating and/or exercise plan you choose, but if you want/need help, please be sure to ask; that’s what our community is all about.

I’ll post a Sunday weigh in thread to keep track of progress. For those not familiar with the Sunday Weigh In; this is a post I’ll do each Sunday morning, in which we can post our weight loss (or gain, if that happens) for the previous week, “brag” about our successes, talk about whatever problems we might have encountered, what we might do to change things, encourage those having problems staying on course, etc… Watch for it – I’ll post it every Sunday morning, with the title “Sunday Weigh In (date)”.  If you don’t weigh on Sunday, that’s okay, just post your weight closest to that… for instance, if you, typically weigh on Friday, you can post that on Sunday or if you weigh on Monday, just wait until Monday to post.

I don’t have any prizes to give away, so the goal is to keep challenging ourselves to do better this week than we did last week.

Everyone is welcome.
Are you ready??   LET’S “WIN” BY LOSING (weight)
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I'm interested!  I may join late.  I don't own a scale, but need one, and I'm in the process of moving house and don't want to buy another item to be moved, but once I get settled late this month, I'll check back in.  I need to "win by losing," LOL.
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My husband gave me a scale for Christmas--  he is so romantic!  lol  He SWEARS it was NOT a hint.  

So, I'm in.  We don't have to actually record the poundage do we?  I don't want to scare anyone or ruin their impression of me.  

This week I'm doing good with exercise, I 'think'. I got a 4 mile power walk in when I walked home from the car repair shop after being told my car needed to spend the whole day there.  And I'll probably do well on limiting food next week because after the bill, I may not have money to eat.  (gotta look on the bright side).

Today, I went to my gym expecting the boot camp class I've come to depend on . . only to find out it was replaced.  oh my.  I haven't done that many grape vines since the last time I wore a bikini (1998?).  We even rode the pony.  (it's a dance and it's NOT pretty when I do it)  Basically, it was ridiculous and I may have to find another Thursday work out.  lol  

Anyway, count me in.  I'll do my very best!  
No, I'm positive that Christmas scale was *not* a hint... surely you must have "asked" for the scale at some time or another or perhaps he was *really* bought it because HE wanted to weigh himself... :-)

Whatever the reason, I'm glad you have a new scale to keep track with and glad you're going to join us on this journey.  

No, I've always heard that it's impolite to ask a lady her age or weight.  If I were going to require that, I'd not have the fortitude to have a challenge like this, as I'd hate to destroy my own image... lol.  In view of that, you're not required to post your actual poundage, just how much weight you lost (or gained, if that's the case) over the week...

It sounds like you have a good start with the exercise and although I'm sorry to hear about the bill for the van,  you're right - there is a silver lining behind all those clouds. :-)

I'm not sure, but I think the last time I wore a bikini was in the mid 80's and I'm sure I'll never don again, but there comes an age when we don't need to be wearing bikinis anyway... :-)

I'm doing well with exercise right now, too, because my winter neighbor is here, but she'll be going home the first part of April and I'll need all the help/motivation I can get, so I'm glad to have you join us...
I'm impressed that you even have a regular workout. It's too bad we don't live in the same neighborhood -- except for that thing about keeping our husbands from knowing each other due to their mutual bad taste in gifts -- I'd love to have someone to walk with and to expect me to be somewhere like a gym at a certain time.
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Still buried in snow here but the date on the calendar says it is getting closer to spring!!

You could give us a plane ticket to come see you!!!!!  You probably dont want one from me!!  lol

Motivation is key here so am looking forward to this.  Thanks Barb
I'd love to give all of you a plane ticket to come see me, if I could afford it... boy could we have fun on the beach in those bikinis we don't wear anymore!!! lol

You're right - motivation is the key and I'm usually lacking.  My endocrinologist just cut my thyroid medication, when I didn't need it to be cut, so I'm not only looking for a new endo, I'm struggling to lose weight...

I'm countin' on you guys...
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What an awesome idea!  I'll have to pass on this one since I'm expecting- but I hope you do another one in the future so I can join in!  
You can join us even if you don't need to lose weight, as we're all about eating healthy and getting reasonable exercise.
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I look OK, even what would be generally considered to be slender, when I stand up straight and remember not to let my stomach hang out. When were kids we used to joke around and see who could stick out their stomach the most -- well, presently I can stick my stomach out further than my bust if I try, and even though I know where it came from (it's definitely too much carb) it's totally appalling. So, I'm in. Put me in at +12 lbs. on March 2, trying for -1.5 lbs. a week.
You're in and welcome aboard.  
Oops, just ate some conversation hearts that have been kicking around since Valentine's Day. How's that for stalwart at dumping carbs? The same day I joined the diet challenge, too! Tsk. This is going to be a slow 12 pounds.
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I have been losing about a pound a week but my weigh ins have been friday to friday so will change that.  I really pay attention to what is all in the food i buy. Sodium can be so high in some things.  I eat greek yogurt for a snack and eat tons of green veggies.  Fish is also another thing i eat alot of.  Quit eating bread, dont care for pop as black coffee is my thing!!

I miss Caribou coffee so bad.  I always had the skim mint condition.  It was horrible for me.  That was my downfall but the contents are so unhealthy.  My doctor told me i could have that once in awhile but leave out the whipped cream and change to soy milk.  It's not a drink with no whip on it so i just stay away, besides my daughter told me i would get the runs from it now!!!

Anniebrooke...can i have your orange conversation hearts?  My fav!!  lol
It's really outrageous, but we bought a giant sack of conversation hearts in early February, and actually sorted them and THREW AWAY the pink, purple and white ones, so we would only have the superior orange and green ones for me and the yellow ones for my son. (I am not keen on the yellow ones, artificial banana flavor, ugh.) It's all kind of a peculiar dietary algebraic justification and rationalization based on not actually wanting to give up on sweets -- "at least I'm not eating all of them, I threw away half!" But of course, I'm slowly eating the remainder. Luckily, I don't remember them day to day, so the key word is slowly. Hiding candy in high cupboards when we have it, is helpful to both me and my son. He can't reach it, and I can't remember it. lol
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Don't forget to stop the Sunday weigh in thread and add your results for the week.  You can access that tread via the following link:
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