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This is the second thread regarding our weekly weigh ins.  Please be sure you complete the "SUNDAY WEIGH IN" and YOUR WEIGHT TRACKER.

In this thread, we can all share how our week has gone and discuss things that worked and our successes .. as well as those we had difficulty or struggled with.

Would truly like to hear if you're using your food tracker and what your initial thoughts are.  

This can be a powerful post to all of us!  Let's all work to support each other and learn to enjoy this amazing journey we're on!
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Am up .6 a lb. this week but largely due to antibiotics, not sleeping, and laying around not feeling too good.  Am loving the food tracker and feels good to be back tracking those calories.  I love using it to plan my meals.  I will put what I am going to eat in ahead of time and then it allows me to plan for anything else during the day and keeps me more honest.  I expect to see some good results next week.
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Down 1.3 pounds this week.  It was an odd week, a big bump down on the scale and then three consecutive bumps upward.  I wasn't quite sure exactly how it would level out by weigh in....but sure enough, still down for the week.  I just tried really hard not to get discouraged, talked it over with my accountability buddy, and kept doing what I knew would help attain results.  And it worked out just fine.  ; )  I love the new food journal, it helps me to know that I need to fill it in.  My problem is that I could just as soon really not eat during the day (breakfast, lunch, or snacks) and then just eat dinner.  Which of course crashes the old metabolism out and there is no weight loss anyway.  Now with this new tool I know that my accountability buddy will see if I haven't taken the care to eat and I will not only be held accountability by them and to this community, but I really won't see the results that I am looking for.  This way it is all out in the plain for all to see and I think that it will be an awesome tool.  

I also need to get myself committed to much more regular exercise once again.  Chasing my dog a 1/4 mile several times a week when he elects to escape is not going to cover the entire need of physical activity alone.  ; )  
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Just had a minute to read your posts and duty calls for a family get-together.  Will be on later and share my week and a few replies to yours.  

SIMPLY AMAZING .. the diligence and fortitude being displayed in your posts  .. ABSOLUTELY MAHHHHVELOUSSSSS!!!
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I have had a good week, been working hard with the exercise, sometimes I think I might do a little to much, I feel burnt out sometimes.

I only need to lose 2.4lb then I will have lost 9 stone, thats the same weight as my daughter in law when i look at her I cant imagine carrying her around,
I still need to lose another 90lb, but i am just concentrating on the 2,4 for now.

The food tracker looks great just wish i could make it work, I think it might be a vista thing because steve has got it on his computer which is an xp. but I cant get it on my vista, might have to pinch steves when he's not looking Ha Ha hope nobdy tells him. lol
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I am on Vista with IE 8 and had problems initially.  Over the weekend MedHelp made some changes and is working well now.
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bit late but i have lost 14lbs in 1 week :)
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