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So long as I live with my parents, I can't be healthy.

This will be quite long, so here's the TL; DR: I'm a teen girl who's 5'1, 138lbs. My issue isn't major, not by a long shot, but I'm worried about it due to my stress eating habit. If I drop the reigns, I know I'll end up where I don't want to be before too long. Even though I have talked with my Mother about making healthy changes to the foods we keep in the house there are none. She says we'll do it, but then she "forgets". (even if I bring it up every day) Even when she does decide to help me, she falls through after a month. (meaning, I lose weight and yo-yo right back to where I was because there are no healthy options after that first period) I can't buy the groceries. I can't move out, though that's what it looks like I'd have to do. I'm between Scylla and Charybdis... a rock and a hard place. What can I possibly do to lose weight when there's boat loads of temptation in my face 24/7? end TL;DR
Now for the longer version. (sorry, gotta get this off of my chest...)
I do not bring in income, so I can't buy the food that I would prefer. I am not the one who goes grocery shopping, and I cannot go along with my Mother because she goes after work. I have talked with her about stocking up on fruits, soups, vegetables, and so on as healthy foods go... I've talked about clearing out the cabinets of junk food and highly processed food so that I won't be so tempted to fall back to my routine of bad eating. Guess what happened to that proposal?

"Oh, but that would be wasteful."
"Okay, then we can wait until we run out."
weeks later, she comes home with more of the food we agreed to not get more of ...
"Mom, why?"
"Oh, but your father likes them."
"Then could we at least put them in the cabinet where they won't be in front of me?"
next day... it's on the counter top staring at me... and if I put it back in the cabinet, it just magically hops back down to the counter

I may be a little lacking in self control, but I can manage if something's not right in my face like that. I try to compromise, but my goodness, it's impossible.

What's worse is she works for a weight management company (that I won't mention the name of), but she won't help her own daughter. She encourages my bad habit of stress eating. If I've had a bad day, she'll offer pizza or another treat to cheer me up. (And do you even know how hard it is to refuse? Even if I do, I think about it for the next several hours!) It's like the food is in place of parental counsel. Because, when I'm upset, nobody wants to hear it. If I talk to Dad, he gets mad ... If I talk to Mom, she gets "upset for me" and starts crying ... that's supposed to help, how? I thought it was my problem, so what gives her the right to be upset?

So, like my question above in the TL;DR: I can't buy the groceries. I can't move out, though that's what it looks like I'd have to do. What can I possibly do to lose weight when there's boat loads of temptation in my face 24/7, and my parents won't help me at all?
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You can't move out and you can't buy the groceries, but there are some things you can do.  

First off, I'm sure your mother provides SOME healthy foods, such as vegetables, dairy, lean meats, etc, so those are the ones you should concentrate on and leave the chips, candy, sodas, etc alone.  Fruit should be limited to 1-2 servings/day, because of the sugar content.  When you do eat fruit, opt for apples, pears, etc that have a lot of fiber in them.

The second thing you can do, is make sure you cut your portions. You may have to eat what's there, but you don't have to eat a lot of it.

Third, make sure you get plenty of exercise.  If you eat something that's calorie laden, make sure you do some sort of workout to try to work off as much of it as you can.

Make sure you drink plenty of water.  It will help keep you feeling fuller, so you won't eat as much.

You may need to seek counseling for your stress eating habit. If the food is going to be in the house, you have to learn to deal with it.  My husband loves things like brownies, cashews, chocolate bars, etc and those are the last things I need.  I rarely eat any of them, but every now and then I might take 1 bite of a brownie, 1 cashew or a mini chocolate bar; that's enough to satisfy the craving without derailing my entire diet.
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Thanks for giving me such helpful support, all. It's so encouraging to have you all, especially NOBODY, to give me guidance when my own mother will not. Thankies.
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i too have the same issue as i still live with my parents and go between my parents house and my boyfriends parents house.
i have my own business so cant always afford everything. and i too stress eat and eat because im bored. its good saying to cut portion sizes (said the same to my mum) but mothers try and feed you i still got normal portions when i always said as she was serving mind and give me half the on it goes. i have decided to go walking more and increase my exercise to counteract the food! and i have been considering counseling myself as i have been told if you stress eat there will be a reason for the stress and a counselor will help find the reason.  
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You've attached to a thread that's over 2 yrs old and Erinite is no longer active on the forum.  

I would give you the same advice that I gave her.  If someone else if doing the cooking/providing the food, make the healthiest choices you can and limit the portion sizes.  If you're eating because you're bored, you need to find activities that will fill the time, rather than just staying bored and filling the time with food.

Yes, counseling can definitely help.
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I have the same issue im 17,5 foot 5, and 170 pounds and women in my family tend to be overweight due to thyroid issues. I really want to have the resources to be healthy because my heart is already damaged from my lifestyle. Problem is, my mom is the only one who works and theres 5 other kids in the house. Dont get me wrong it's easier to make a tray of tater tots for little kids than a meal they wont eat I get it. Because of my thyroid little things like red meat or any type of dairy make me bloat and gain weight overnight and that weight doesnt come off unless I borderline starve myself.Kind of stuck as to what to do
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