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Sprouted Grain Bread

You guys are going to think I'm nuts, well, maybe a little but it's going on midnight and I can't sleep.

Okay, I got this suggestion about dieting, which was switch to sprouted grain bread.  It has a lower GI number (better for diabetics) and is healthier.  So, I managed to find this Bread For Life brand Ezekiel 5-some number, and it's all about this living bread, sprouted grains having enough water added to them to make them start to sprout.  So, I have been eating it for a couple weeks, and I keep our loaf in the freezer so it doesn't go bad (I only eat 2 slices a day and it's just me who is eating it).  So, if you freeze a "living" bread, will you kill it?  I mean, if you put your plants in the freezer, you'd kill them right?  Also, can you kill the "living" bread if you toast it?  Again, you'd kill your plants if you put them in the toaster.  And if you kill your "living" bread, is it as healthy to eat because they sure seem to tout that eating it living is better than eating it dead.  Okay, not quite, but the packaging raves about it being living.  So, if you freeze your living bread thing, and you manage to "kill" it, will it have the same nutritional value?  
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I don't go that far.  No living bread for me.  
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Sounds good to me. And no I don't think you are crazy, makes perfect sense to me. I think if you freeze it, you would take away from the nutritional value. You could get the same nutritional value from eating bean sprouts on a salad. Would be easier for you.
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