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Sunday Weigh In - April 28, 2013

Good morning, everyone...... hope everyone's had a great week.

My week has been "not bad", though I've had some ups and downs.  Still retaining a lot of fluid, so my weight fluctuates greatly from one day to the next.  I am happy to report, though that, ignoring the fluid retention/weighing only when not swollen, I'm staying fairly steady.  I'm not real happy with that, but at least I'm not gaining any more.

I've been keeping a food diary and I can now see what I've been doing wrong; now I need to figure out how I'm going fix it.

So - that's my story; what about everyone else?  Did you meet your goal for the week?  If so, congratulations; if not, do you know why and do you have a plan to change it? Is there a way we can help reach your goal?

Remember:  we win by losing -- weight, that is......

Wishing everyone a good week.

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Last week I was 158.9 and this week I'm at 152.9....Yes!!!!!!! I stayed away from salty foods I drank nothing but water and it worked. I surpassed my goal for the week.
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Congratulations....... that's 6 pounds for the week....... Yay, for you!!!!
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   My week was alright, but I didn't get in any excercise at all! I also ate out and my choices were just ok. I weighed in at 233 so I lost 1 pound, good with me but not good enough. I want to lose 2 pounds this week so that will be my goal.

Hope everyone is doing well, keep up the good progress :)
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I was sick this week so I didn't get much exercise in at all but I was able to drop 1 pound soon glad for that! 199! No hopefully I can get over this sinus infection, caused by my allergies, and get back to work!
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I'm not sure if this was due to muscle increase from my speed walking, water weight or fat weight but I gained 2.2lbs.... but my measurements went down so i'm confused!!
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well im kind of out for 3 weeks, my doctor said no exercise til i get an u/s on my leg :( ill just have to stick to eating better!
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:( hopefully your leg gets better soon!!
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Week ends are killer, had a cookout and a party ate way too much, I have to watch it gained of course, up to 212lbs, I gotto get back on track. I want to go down not up. Congratulation to everyone who lost weight, good job.
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If you lost inches, your gain is most likely from added muscle from the exercise you've been doing.  Muscle is packed much more densely than fat, so a pound of muscle doesn't take up as much room as a pound of fat.

KTowne - sorry to hear you're out of commission for the time being.  You could talk to your doctor about trying some chair yoga, that wouldn't involve your leg.  That would, at least, keep you a little bit active.

nicolemk - sorry to hear you were ill; hope you're better and back on track now.

kittenmeow - congrats on your loss..... even a 1 pound loss is better than a gain.
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Parties have a bad habit of causing weight gain.  You'll be able to get back on track and get it back off.  
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She said nothing at all, she's worried I have a blood clot from my varicose vein, she said at least 3 weeks, as long as the symptoms subside by then, and I can start up very slowly, like walking or swimming, and for the amount of exercise I do I have to elevate my leg, I also have peripheral knee pain in the other leg that makes it feel like my leg is popping out of place when it's bent too far, so a knee brace for that one for 3 weeks.. she thinks I just jumped into exercising too quickly and it's making the pain worsen. I'm sure I can still go for walks and stuff, just not for prolonged periods of time.
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There are tests that can be done to determine whether you have a blood clot; I had one just a few months ago.... You should try to get that verified, because clots can move and cause other issues.

Yeah, the old adage "no pain, no gain" does not hold true.  If you exercise to the point of pain, other than sore muscles that recuperate in a day or so, you've done too much.

If you have access to a swimming pool, that's excellent exercise and is very low impact.  I wish I had easy access to a pool.
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well the nice weather and running around with the kids is helping, 178.6
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Starting today on a weight loss and exercising routine.  So glad I found this website.  This time of year is the best for me to start any type of self improvement program, the sun and warm weather really lifts my spirits and I feel really motivated.

Such a nice idea to have a weekly weigh-in post.  I will be weighing in on Saturdays, so see you next week.
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Tomorrow is Sunday, and I'll be posting another weigh in thread, so do be sure to post on it.

Yes, spring time does have a tendency to make one ready to "turn over a new leaf", doesn't it?

Good luck...... see you tomorrow.
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That is normal with working out. Remember that muscles weigh more but on the bright side that muscle is what helps you burn more calories. I have been told many times that you go by the way your clothes feel and if they are loose on you then you are doing great. Keep up the good work and stop weighing yourself so often. Just a mood killer....stay with how your clothes fit. You can do it.
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Just got out of the hospital with ankle surgery that went awfully wrong and now they are telling me that I am pre-diabetic so a nutritionist came in to see me and give me some information. She said that even though I am out of commission for heavy exercise she told me to keep moving even if it's just with arm weights. It all counts so don't kid yourself and stop moving. You can do trunk twists, arm weights anything that increases your heart rate and keeps you moving counts. Good luck with your injury.  
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Muscles don't really "weigh more"........ they're simply packed more densely than fat, so a pound of muscle doesn't take up as much space as a pound of fat.

Very sorry to hear about your ankle surgery and that you have pre-diabetes.  I was diagnosed with that, a couple months ago and have been struggling to get weight under control, but it doesn't seem to be budging, no matter what I do.  grrrrr...........

By the way, there's a new weigh in thread posted every Sunday, so you're welcome to join in.  This week's thread can be found via the following link:

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