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Sunday Weigh In - May 15, 2011

Wow, another week gone by; and it's time for our weigh in to see how everyone did this past week.  I don't see much activity on the forum, so is it safe to think everyone is spending their time at the gym, going for long walks, or getting other types of exercise, cooking good healthy meals, etc??

As for myself, I admit that I, apparently, didn't work hard enough this week, even though I thought I was doing well.  Again, my weight has been all over the scale; at one point, I was down to 144, which was great.  Even after weigh in last week, my scale went down by about 2 lbs, after I'd worked on some gardening for a few hours.  All said and done, though, I went from 146.8 last week to 147, this week, which is a gain of 0.2 lbs....... and totally unacceptable.  

What did I do wrong?  Well, during the week, I did just fine, eating good lunches; I was busy all week with physical work, so got plenty of exercise.  I'm sure that's what allowed me to drop down to the 144 lbs.  It was yesterday that I "stumbled".  Hubby and I went out for breakfast, prior to doing some shopping/errands; breakfast was okay, because I made reasonable choices.  The problem came in the afternoon....... I did not eat lunch (was still full from breakfast), so when I got hungry about midafternoon - what did I grab to eat??  None other than some chips and dip!!  Plus I had let myself get TOO hungry, so I ate more of them than I otherwise would have.  Supper time found me too lazy to cook, so I ate a sandwich with processed meat, and........... more chips (no dip)!!  

I think I can safely say that my increase in weight has more to do with the salt on the chips, than with anything else.  My fingers, face and feet are swollen this morning, which is a clear indication that I have fluid retention.  I plan to do more gardening today, and when I step on the scale this evening, I've no doubt that my weight will be less.  

In the meantime, I must be accountable and claim the 0.2 lb gain, and strive to do better this coming week; after all, summer is only a few weeks away.  

So, how about everyone else?  How has your week gone?  I'm looking forward to giving kudos to everyone for losing the designated pound.  On that note,  I'm off to do my gardening while the area I'll be working in, is still in shade; our 90 degree + days make it difficult at best to work outside later in the day.  Ready, set, GO.............

Wishing everyone a great week.

Win, by losing that weight!!  
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I was actually looking forward to weighing, but unfortunately I gained half a pound !  I kept a food journal.  I am not upset with what I ate and I even compared it with entries from when I was losing several years ago.  The entries are similar.

I exercised as much as my knee can handle.  I am going to trust that my better eating and increased exercise is going to catch up eventually and I will start losing this excess weight. This *has* happened before that it takes me a while to get the pendulum to swing back the way *I* wish it to swing.

Next week perhaps?  We'll see.  
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I have to add ONE REGRET:  I wish I had taken my beginning measurements like I usually encourage others to do.  I actually think that's maybe why I don't feel overly discouraged because I think maybe I am making progress that way...maybe...hopefully?

LOL, IDK, but I am going to remain optimistic.  Getting discouraged is never good and has bad results all the way "around."  Oh, I am procrastinating.  I have a messy house calling....
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Don't feel bad about the measurements; I didn't do mine either!!  Since you've had so much trouble with your knee, I'm sure it's hard to exercise as much as normal, or even the same type of exercises.  Hopefully, something further will be done with your knee, soon.

I was right about my own weight this morning........... I worked in my flower beds for about 3 hrs and when I came in, I stepped on the scale just before getting into the shower -- sure enough, I was down to 144.2.  

Discouraged??  Nope, not me; when my weight can fluctuate by 3 pounds in a matter of 3 hrs, there's no room for discouragement!!  

I'm procrastinating as well; I have several loads of laundry calling my name........... LOL
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I weigh daily because it helps keep my habits on track, so when I got on the scale yesterday, I thought I would be fine this morning... No deal!

Yesterday was a fairly good day as far as exercise and food. I had a poached egg for breakfast (didn't have time to make two), I went shopping for three hours with a couple of friends so TONS of walking, for lunch I had a small platter (apples, grapes, a few interesting whole grain crackers and some cheese) and a small smoothie from Jugo Juice (which was probably a bad choice due to all the sugar). Then for dinner we had Swiss Chalet. I had the Quarter Chicken meal (no skin) with veggies. I was bad though, and got a pop and a piece of pie. After dinner, we went for a 30 minute bike ride to rent a movie, and then during the movie I snacked on chips. I really think the salt is what did me in. If I had ignored the chips, I think I would have been down again this morning, but I'm a sucker for snacks.

I should be happy though. I weighed in at 219.8lbs last Sunday and today I am at 219.3lbs which means I am down 0.5lb. This is better than nothing, but not what I was expecting.
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Oops, forgot to add my ticker. :)
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I am down 1.2 lbs, but not because of anything i did , my hair started to fall out due to the chemo tablets i am almost bald now, so im guessing thats where my my weight lose as come from
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Down 0.5... my goal is around 2lbs a week tho lol but loss is better than gain i guess!! taking new measurements in a couple of weeks to see where im losing it from. Keep it up everyone!! Ur all doing great!
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Hey great to see so many posters........ and everybody down, but me........ boohoo.

I've really got to get busy...........

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