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Sunday Weigh-In April 14, 2019

Good morning...wow, another week is gone and the forecast says it's going to be a hot one here.  We're getting into the upper 80's and 90's right now, which is pretty warm for this time of year.  Typically, we can wait until the first of May to turn the air conditioner on for the season, but we've had to break down and do it now, because it's been so muggy.  I'm not really an air conditioning person because I like windows open, fresh air and sunshine, but sometimes we simply have no choice if we're to live, and sleep, comfortably.

Anyway, this past week has gone by in something of a blur for me.  It was all good until Tuesday... my neighbor and I went off for a "girl's day out" - a few hours of shopping and lunch.  We left in the early morning, landed at several stores we both like, had a nice lunch at a quaint little restaurant at which we've eaten several times before, then topped off the day with a stop at one of our favorite thrift stores on the way home just in case we might run into the odd antique that someone didn't know they had.  

It was all very nice until the next morning!!  Can anyone say "food poisoning"?  We'd made our plans to meet on Wednesday morning, as usual, for our daily walk, but I woke up in the night with a sinking feeling that all was not well.  I made a sprint for the bathroom - oh my goodness... I'll spare the gory details, but I made many of those sprints over the next 36 - 48 hrs.  My tummy rumbled at every smell; very little stayed down, but if it did - well, let's just say, nothing stayed in my stomach...

Anyway, right at the time I started to text my neighbor to let her know I was in dire straits and was unable to walk on Wed morning, I got a text from her that she had "tummy troubles" and would be unable to walk.  I was kind of in a daze and couldn't figure out how that text got there... lol  But then I realized what was going on.  

My neighbor's husband had had some diarrhea a couple days previous to this and she thought it was because she'd served him a lot of spinach... we began to suspect that he'd had a bug that she caught and passed to me.  Then it occurred to me that if it were a some sort of bug like that, it's unlikely we'd have gotten it at "exactly" the same time.  I started thinking about what we'd ingested that was the same and it came down to a soup we'd eaten for lunch on our day out.  Although the soup tasted very good, it wasn't terribly hot when it was served - more lukewarm - and I suspect it might not have been kept hot enough.  

Anyway, I've never had food poisoning before that I know of and I don't ever want to have it again, if this is what it feels like.  I had everything wrong with my stomach that could go wrong - cramps, vomiting, diarrhea.  I didn't eat anything from Tuesday lunch until Thursday evening; then it was only a couple saltine crackers and I really struggled with them.  

In view of this, at one point, I was down about 5 pounds... This isn't the way to lose weight, by any means and I didn't expect to maintain that kind of a loss.  As of this morning, I'm still down 1.6 pounds from last week and I don't expect to maintain that either, as I slowly begin to eat normally again, though I would like to maintain a portion of the loss.  

My neighbor and I have increased the distance of our morning walks (or at least we had prior to getting ill) as we've decided to join the March of Dimes walk-a-thon on the 27th of this month.  It's a 4-mile walk and although we do walk most days of the week, we, typically, only do a couple of miles.  We/I decided that we should increase our distance in order to make sure we can do the full 4 miles of the walk-a-thon on the 27th.  I thought we'd be up to 4 miles by now and would be able to increase the speed/intensity, but of course, I didn't plan on taking 3 days off for possible food poisoning...  :-)  Anyway, the extra walking should help some, plus I got a cortisone shot in my left shoulder that has been frozen for the past few months, so it's feeling better and I can exercise it a little more to help build those muscles again.  Yay me.

So - that's my story.  I extend my apologies for abandoning last week's weigh-in thread.  I hope you had a good successful week. I look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful week~~
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Well, that is strange! Wrote a lengthy response, and it's not here. I wonder if I wrote it under the wrong week!
134578 tn?1578157483
Hm. It hasn't come back up or anything. Another poster mentioned that she has lost two responses in a row. Wonder if that is a new glitch?

I'm down all of .2 of a pound, but it was tax week and I wasn't watching my intake at all. Doing taxes this year was frustrating, like wading in glue, with the smallest tasks (finding one key payment in our checking records, for example) taking hours that should have taken moments. (In that case, it was a quarterly payment, and the vendor had changed the amount billed, so I couldn't search online by amount. Turns out, I paid it from a different account than the one where I was looking. Eerg!) Anyway, I wasn't carefully tracking my food at the same time as all of this fiscal fun. But luckily when things are not going well, I tend to not eat rather than to overeat, even if the stuff I eat isn't much good, so I lost rather than gained. Then made up for some of it by going out on Saturday after the taxes were gone, to the cold-weather comfort-food German restaurant and eating breaded pork covered with ham. And then a candy bar! It wasn't bad to be down .2 after a meal like that!

We thought we solved our house-hunting problem, eyeing a site at a new-build development. Then I started reading up on how retaining walls should be made. The site is nice, but it has a big, boulder retaining wall that holds up part of the hillside above it, which will be about five feet from one wall of the house. And they cut down past the topsoil to the clay subsoil to make the flat building site below the retaining wall. I don't want to buy something and have a bunch of boulders slide into my house some rainy season, or find that a pond has formed in the clay under my house because it's the first flat spot the water finds to go when it rains. The builder apparently offers no warranties about the rock work. So we're going today to look at two houses that were built about five years ago in less steep neighborhoods. Fortunately, there's time for all of this searching. I just hope our real-estate agent isn't talking about us behind our backs about our presumed flakiness as buyers.

Off to make my kiddo's lunch for school. Have a great week!

(If posting this brings up my original one, I'm going to be mad. lol)
Sorry to hear about your tax preparation woes.  We've had our taxes done since early February, so I hadn't given a thought to people still doing taxes until I went by a tax preparation business today and saw a man outside holding a big sign that said "Today's the last day".   I have a friend that does accounting and tax prep;  she might be able to come out and play again now that tax time is over... :-)

Good for you, actually losing during the flurry of getting the taxes done and your comfort-food meal that followed.  I can see myself gaining several pounds over something like that because I'd have snacked on crackers and chips instead of not eating...  :-)

I've read some things about how some of those retaining walls are made and I agree that I'd not want a bunch of rocks/boulders to come tumbling down into my home during a rainy season.  I guess I can see why the builder doesn't offer a warranty on any of the rock work, but I'd be very reluctant to buy in the area, as well, although I'm sure there will be no shortage of other buyers.

Did you notify Emily about the missing post? Typically, posting a single character will force out one that's missing but since yours didn't, I wonder if we do have a new glitch...
I rarely am fussing with taxes in the second week of April. We usually hand them off in mid- or late March to our accountant, along with the organizer he sends us to fill out (that looks like a small phone book). But our mortgage person had suggested we file an extension, or else they would "have to get an official copy of your tax return from the IRS, and that takes weeks." So I had our accountant put us on the list of those filing an extension, and I thought the pressure was off. (It was OK with me -- less immediate necessity to dig up paperwork.) Then last week, the accountant said that rather than have us pay just a rough estimate (of the taxes due) with our extension request, he'd prefer to have us pay the exact amount, so we wouldn't incur penalties for paying too little or bother his accounting sensibilities by paying too much. (The IRS expects a check April 15 whether you file for an extension or not, which always seemed to me to make there be little enough reason to file an extension, frankly.) Anyway, the accountant's request mean I suddenly had to do all the data-gathering in one or two days that usually takes me one or two weeks. It was a crammed effort. But he's a good guy, he got us our payment vouchers today. My next chore is to go send too much money to the Feds and the State by registered mail. I remember when I was a baby and did my own taxes. I was proud the year I grossed eighteen thousand dollars, and the form I filed was two pages long. :) Those were the days!

I didn't notify Emily about the missing post, despite hearing from another poster that the same problem had happened to her, because I couldn't be 100% sure the error wasn't mine. It would be odd of me not to hit "send" after all of these years on the site, but there's always a first time. I do hope it's not a new glitch.

Yes, it seems odd that one has to pay IRS even when filing an extension, when the purpose of and extension is to postpone paying the taxes... lol   I can see where the last minute decision to pay the exact amount made things more difficult by having to dig up more paperwork.

Wasn't it nice when income tax was quick and easy?  Fortunately, we're pretty much back to those days.  lol

I suppose not hitting send is always a possibility, but that would seem odd since you've been on the site all this time.  It also seems unlikely that another person would have done the same thing, but anything is possible.  :-)  New glitches can always turn up, so if it does happen again, we'll want to let Emily know.
I guess I'd rather pretend it was a glitch in the system than acknowledge it might be a glitch in my mind. lol
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