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Sunday Weigh In April 22, 2018

Good morning – it’s once again weigh-in day; my how fast the weeks are going by; summer is going to be here before we know it and this lady isn’t going to be “bikini fit”, but then didn’t I know that when I started this challenge??  Lol

It hasn't been a "bad" week, but not the greatest either... it's been a bit stressful, which brings added cortisol making weight loss harder, plus it brings on "stress eating" that included too much salty food so that certainly doesn't help the situation any.  Add to that, lack of exercise and you've got the perfect recipe for not reaching a goal.  

Since I don't want to risk TMI, I'll just say I'm up a pound from last week, but knowing how I retain fluid and looking at my feet, I'll assume it's, mostly, water weight for right now and not get too upset.  This is a new week and a chance to start again, hoping it goes better than last week.

So that's me - how about y'all?  I know some of you were still in the middle of winter storms last week and sick on top of that.  I hope, at least, you've gotten over the colds/flu issues you had so you're no longer ill anyway and I know that spring has to be "just around the corner..."

Let us know how you did over the week.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Hi I am new to this page I also am trying to lose weight.  I recently lost 11 pounds I am on day 18.  I am bad I weight my self every day.  I stayed the same today even though I did good yesterday.  It would be nice to have support from others who are also looking to have a healthier life style.  
Hi tink... Welcome to our weight loss challenge.  Our goal is to lose a pound a pound a week in a safe manner.

Congratulations on your 11 pound loss; that's great.

I, too, weigh myself every day but don't get too excited over a bit of gain or loss because I know weight can fluctuate by quite a bit, depending on time of day we weigh, what we've eaten and even whether or not we went to the bathroom
Sorry I'm typing on my phone and accidentally hit the submit button...grrr.  

Anyway you get what I was saying above so I'll leave it at that... Welcome.
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Hi Barb135:) I didn’t have the greatest week food wise.  Lots of unhealthy choices like too much healthy cereal. I won’t be buying cereal for my breakfast unless it’s hot cereal.  I’m up .4 lbs that’s point 4 so not a full pound. I also went out to eat yesterday and had a hamburger plus dessert.  It was a birthday party. I haven’t started working out but today is a new week and I’m motivated. All in all I got what I put in not that much effort thus weight gain.  I’m determined to do better and make healthier choices today.  
Hi Kelcoo... we all have those weeks that don't go right.  Sometimes cereal isn't the healthiest thing we can eat.  I don't eat cereal at all anymore unless it's a bowl of oatmeal now and then.  I'm going for gluten-free, so even cream of wheat is out for now.  

0.4 lbs aren't so bad for the week, considering that you attended a birthday party - certainly nothing to beat yourself up about.  It is a new week, so you have the right attitude.  

Good luck...
Thank you Barb135 for making me feel better about my week.  Yes cereal is something I won’t be buying again.  I too eat oatmeal occasionally.  Have a wonderful week.......peace
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This week was one of the right hand doing things correctly and the left hand doing things incorrectly. I'm exactly the same down to the decimal point as I was last week. (Example of right and left hand: we went to the beach yesterday and walked five miles, but then ruined the effect by going to a place called the Chocolate Cafe and having milkshakes.) I'm glad I didn't gain, but a little miffed I didn't lose.
Ha (just an exclamation, not a laugh)... I'd be rich if I had a quarter for every time I walked 5 miles, then ruined the effect by eating something I shouldn't have.  As always, we live and learn; this is a new week and a chance to do things differently.
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Hi ladies I stayed at the same weight as last week. That is fine with me. Being on antibiotics, z pack always messes up my stomach.  I'm not feeling very well Still because of the bronchitis. I've been very weak and tired this week. So my activity level was very low this week.
I hope that you feel better.  
It's good that you stayed the same.  Weight loss when we're sick isn't a good weight loss, so it's really better to be able to maintain so you can keep your strength.  I hope you're taking a probiotic to replace the good gut bugs that the antibiotics are destroying...  
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Hope you feel better soon.  This stuff really has "hang" time.

I dropped a lb but i think mine is from being sick too.  I feel a million times better just not up to par yet.  Still so tired and looking for some extra energy!
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Sarah, I'm glad you're down a pound, but as usual, I'm not always sure that weight loss during illness is good because it takes strength we need to get well.   So many of these bugs zap our strength for so long.

Hope this week sees everyone getting back on their feet and feeling a lot better.  
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I am going to my chiropractor in the morning.  I will feel so much better after that.    I need to keep my body in line (with my spine!)  He is so much more than a bone cracker.  He is into the natural healing of bodies and has a  really good line of supplements.  I have been seeing him for well over 10 yrs.  I usually go in once a month or so and come out feeling better.  My belly has been tore up from the antibiotics so will be glad to be done with them!
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Some chiropractors are also naturopathic or functional medicine doctors.  Many of them do a better job of treating the whole body than conventional doctors do.  My doctor is a DO, who combines conventional and functional medicine.  He does pretty good and also has a good line of supplements.  

I do hope you feel a lot better after you see him.
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