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Sunday Weigh In April 5, 2020

Good morning.  How is everyone this morning?  I hope you're all doing well in your "stay at home" mode.  I'm doing okay.  I've gotten a lot of projects taken care of and I've still got tons of things I can do, so I'll be good to go for the rest of the month.  

It's raining here today - well, it's cloudy and raining off and on.  I did manage to sneak in a my morning walk with my neighbor between showers.  Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of the day.

I haven't weighed this morning but the other day when I stepped on the scale, I wasn't real happy because it showed that I was up a couple of pounds.  My feet have been swelling pretty badly with the heat we've had lately, so I'm pretty sure that's what the extra weight was from, but I still don't like to see it on the scale.

I've been trying to keep my diet reasonable, but as has been mentioned previously - food in the grocery stores is kind of sporadic and we've been having to rely more on things like pizza, sandwiches (when we can get bread), etc.  It's also hot here, so I haven't really felt like doing a lot of cooking.  Not to mention that my husband had mentioned that he really missed eating out (so do I), so last night we did go through the drive through and get a burger and fries - not what I should have had, but boy was it good... lol  

I've kept up with my daily walks, however, the neighbor I walk with is leaving on Wednesday to go back to OR for the summer, so I probably won't continue with them after she leaves as I don't usually go alone - at least not for as long a walks as we do together.  I do have a treadmill and I can always uncover it or I can get back to the yoga as I've been "threatening" to do for some time.   Actually, I should be doing them both because yoga would help considerably with the stress/tension I'm currently feeling.  

So - I'll weigh later and post my weight for this week.  

How about you?  I hope you've had a good week and look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

~~Stay healthy, stay home and wash your hands~~  
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I'm up .6 of a pound compared to last week (when it was a pleasant surprise to have gone down a little; so popping back up shouldn't be surprising). These past few weeks have been me going up and down by small amounts. Will aim for some more "down" this week. :)

My husband broke the top of one of his porcelain crowns, and his dentist said it wasn't an emergency and she would see him in a month. His tongue was getting abraded where the crown chipped (it's porcelain, after all), so we went to Walgreen's at night when no other shoppers were there, feeling hilarously furtive, for some orthodontic wax patches. (They're made for kids whose braces are cutting or rubbing the skin inside their mouth. You press the patch onto the sharp wire or clip that's rubbing you, and it covers it up.) He wears two patches over the chipped part of the tooth, tosses them when he eats, and brushes his teeth and puts new patches on after every meal. The relief was instant, and by now his tongue is no longer mangled.

The most amusing part is the effect on his eating. My husband will have a huge bowl of nuts and crackers or pretzels when watching TV in the evening. But now, to eat again after dinner would mean the sacrifice of precious patches. Evidently, only a meal is worth a patch sacrifice, not a mere snack. Since he broke his tooth about ten days ago, he has not eaten one bite between meals. He's lost two or three pounds so far on the the "Don't waste a wax patch" diet! Wish I could find such a diet! (Though I wouldn't want to break a crown for it.  lol)

Hope everyone is keeping up the social distancing and washing their hands to their favorite tunes.
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I suppose it's not surprising that we both seem to be bouncing around in the weight department - but up seems to the direction at the moment, here too.   ;-)

I'm sorry to hear about your husband's crown, but he's come up with an ingenious method to stop snacking.  I should try to figure out a way to make something like that work for me.  :-)   I don't have any crowns and I'd hate to break one if I did.

Yep, social distancing is easy when you have to stay home all the time.  Hand washing should be a matter of common sense, but of course, it's amazing how many people don't do it very often.  

Stay safe and healthy.  
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Good Morning Everyone,

With no scale to check my weight I dont know where I am at I feel alot better, and have not had stomach pains or any other digestive sxs in a while. Even in this struggle to get groceries I have tried as much as possible to stay away from eating the stuff I know will make me feel bad.

This means eating as much veggies as possible. While looking for bread I found a healthy flatbread, that my husband and me decided to try and it was amazing. Sad thing is now everyone is buying it. I loved it cause it had no yeast.

I am feeling healthier as far as digestion goes but I feel bigger and look chunky in the face. :( I miss going for walks on my lunch. However, I have told my husband I may look up a 30 min workout program to do during my lunch. I also have found a way to stand to do my work on the laptop.

My husband is still working in the warehouse giving out AC parts. the News makes that scarier everyday. Trying to stay positive though and trusting GOD is watching over him. It does scary me because I dont think he would make it in the hospital on his own, and I know I would fight to be there.
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It sounds like you're doing well with everything.  It's great that you can actually feel healthier at a time like this when most of us are eating things that aren't all that great.   I've just been eating too much of the wrong kinds of food - like sandwiches, pizza, etc.  

You could do a search for videos by Leslie Sansone - she has the "walk off pounds" videos and there used to be some on YouTube that you could watch for free.  There was one I liked that was about 15-20 minutes and once I got good/better at that one, I moved on to other, more advanced ones.

Here's a link to one of the older ones that I used to do:

There are some newer ones, as well that you can check out.

I do hope your husband is able to wear a mask and/or maintain a good distance while he's working.  That seems to be the things that works the best.  
Thanks for the video.

As for my husband. We got him some mask not sure if he wears them it gets very hot.

He is trying to keep his distance making customers wait outside warehouse for orders. Letting them sign and keep the pen. Still it is hard, one of his bosses dont get the nessecity and allows some in.
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Sorry to hear you are losing your neighbor who walks with you. I know I dont like to go on long walks with out someone either. Hopefully one of the alternatives will work.

Dont stress your weight. Currently the main focus should be health in general. Plus if you are doing all you can then it will all work out.
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Thank you, I'm sorry to losing my walking partner, as well.  I don't mind going for long walks by myself, it's just that we don't really have any place to walk that's good right by my house, so we have to go uptown to where there are sidewalks and I'm not big on doing that by myself.

I'm not really stressing my weight all that much - I've gained/lost the same 10 lbs several times over the past 12 yrs since my thyroid whacked out.  When I can get my meds adjusted correctly, I can lose the weight, but when my doctors are reluctant to adjust my meds to accommodate changes in my body, I have trouble with the weight, along with other hypo symptoms.

Stay safe.
You too!!!
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