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Sunday Weigh In April 8, 2018

Another week has gone by and it's weigh-in time again.  I can't believe how fast the weeks are going.  Is everyone doing okay?

My week wasn't the best, but not the worst either, I guess.  I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and got all my blood test results.  I'm still not doing badly on my cholesterol levels, though they are up some.  My triglycerides are way up from my last blood work.  My thyroid hormone levels are off, which would be thanks to my endocrinologist who lowered my dosage, back in February, for no good reason, other than she doesn't listen well.  

I've been having a huge issue with feet/ankle/leg swelling, as well as tongue and lip swelling, which are hypo symptoms for many of us.  Fortunately, my primary care doctor had some compassion and after hearing about my Feb visit with my endo increased my thyroid hormone dosage back to what it was.  We've agreed that I don't really *need* an endo, at this point, so she's being kicked to the curb and my pcp will manage my thyroid for the time being.  If the need arises for an endo, he will refer me to one that listens better...

When it's all said and done, I'm up by a pound this week, but I did okay with my eating; not so well with exercise, but I'm not too upset by it, because I have only to look at my feet/ankles to know it's not a fat issue.  It takes 4-6 weeks for a dosage change of thyroid hormones to take full effect, but I'm hoping I'll start seeing some of this swelling disappear or at least start going down a little bit over the next few days.

So that's my story... how are all of you doing?  I hope those of you in parts of the country that have been having winter are starting to get some decent weather.  I know spring is long past due.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Good morning Barb135:) Well today is my first Sunday weigh in and I’ve been looking forward to it.  Ive lost 1.2 pounds.  I just cut out my sugary things which I ate a lot of.  I have 100 pounds to lose which came on rapidly when I got prescribed abilify.  My excercise level is bad and I’m trying to build up my core.  I’d convinced myself I can’t lose the weight so I’d  been just binging gaining more. BUT this week has shown me I can lose the weight. Your challenge has helped me so much thank you!!
Congratulations on the weight loss. Every 1.2 lbs matters a lot. I like to envisage the fat on a platter and then i really know how much i've gained, by losing fat. Keep up the good work Kelcoo.
Thank you Nighthawk61 for your kind words:).  
Kelcoo, focus on the journey, not the destination.  Start out with small goals so that 100 lbs doesnt seem so overwhelming.   We have to learn to crawl before we can run.  You are doing amazing already.  You got this!!
Thank you dominosarah I really appreciate your support:)
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Good morning, Kelcoo... Yay for you; I'm so happy for you.  

It's amazing what can happen when we set out mind to it, isn't it?  Equally amazing is what a little bit of sugar can do to our body.  

I'm happy the challenge has helped you.  

I realized a little while ago, I should have waited to weigh, myself... After I'd been up a while, moving around, etc, I'm actually down a pound from last week, so my weigh-in isn't as bad as I'd thought it was.  I need to get going on my exercise, specifically, walking because I'm doing a Lupus walk-a-thon with my daughter on the 28th and I'm not sure I can do it right now... oops!!

Again, congratulations on your loss.  Keep up the good work...  :-)
Thank you Barb135:) your support is appreciated so much.  I need to get going on excercise too.  So I got an iPad yesterday and will do billy blanks take bo for beginners each morning I’m hoping.  I use to have a kindle which is so small and now I can utilize the you tube excercise videoes.  I’m really motivated to lose weight and make healthy lifestyle changes.  This site is so helpful and the support helps me so much.  Your walk-a-thon sounds like a fun time with your daughter.  I’m rooting for you barb135.  

Your iPad sounds like a neat little machine.  I'm not familiar with Billy Banks; I'll have to look into that.  I kind of like to do Leslie Sansome's walking discs.  I have a couple of her DVDs, but she has some short ones on YouTube, also that I like, as well as yoga.  It's kind of fun to switch it up so I'm not doing the same things all the time...

Yes, I think the walk-a-thon will be fun.  My daughter has Lupus and is trying to raise money for research.  We have put together a team and I think we're all little bit nutty, so it should be a good time.

I'm glad to hear the support is helping you; that's what we're all about... it's good for all of us.  Thank you.
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Barb, has it been five weeks or six since we began? I'm down slightly, it seems like overall in the many weeks, I'm keeping at an average of just a tiny bit under a pound a week overall, because when we began I weighed 5 1/2 lbs. more than I do now. (Not sure of the exact because although my scale gives me a decimal fraction,  I can't remember what it was initially. lol) Anyway, I haven't read back to my post from last time to compare, but I think this means this last week I went down 1 pound or even a little more. This is pretty good, given that yesterday we did the memorial service for my father, and ate after the service (catered food) and then went out to dinner later. But I didn't eat much of the dinner (full from the catering) and although I sinned with Dr. Pepper when my sister realized she had left her cellphone at the restaurant and we had to drive out at 9:30 pm in the rain to get it, I mostly behaved regarding sweets and sugars this past week. Tummy not gone yet, though. I bought a book on core exercises. Hoping it will just read itself and magically make me have a stronger core. Wonder why that doesn't happen?
I posted the original challenge post on Feb 28, which was the middle of the week, a Wednesday, so the first weigh-in was only 4 days after we started.  I'm not sure if you'd want to count that or not.  This would actually be the 5th weigh-in after a full week - if that makes any sense.  Sure it does... lol  

If you've lost 5.5 lbs, you've done great.  Have you ever thought about trying yoga for the tummy?  I used (notice the past tense...  :-(  ) to do it every day and it does work.  I have some great beginners' DVDs and though I had a hard time getting started because I was so stiff, it didn't take long to be able to do it well.  It really makes the muscles feel good and strengthens the core.  I keep telling myself I'm going to go back to it, but I think I'm having pipe dreams.  I should probably join a class; if I committed to that, I'd probably do it whereas I won't do it at home by myself anymore...  Somehow, no matter how many times I think about it, nothing magically happens to my core, so I hope you have better luck with your book.  If it works for you, let me know how you did it, so I can try it...   :-)

Anyway, keep up the good work.  We have about 10 weeks left in the challenge; at the rate you're going you'll be into maintenance mode before we get there.  

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Knock wood. lol
You go girl...  :-)
You are my hero!
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I'm glad that Medhelp's Home page has changed and we are all able to see the feed from all communities. I'm starting my second bout of losing weight this summer, and thank you for remembering us up here dealing with Canadian winters (although it's a far cry short of what it used to be like in the old days before global warming). Yes, spring is just about here for those of us that can't afford to be "snow birds" Thankfully as i feel the cold down in my very bones. lol
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Maybe we've always had this HOME feed? huh, learn something new everyday..
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No we haven't always had the "Home" feed, but I'm glad we have it now; it looks like I should have posted in more communities.  Welcome to our weight loss challenge.  

Here's the link to the original challenge, so you know what we're all about, but of course, you don't have to post there; you're welcome to start right here.  


Our goal is to lose a pound a week from now until summer and of course, if we decide to run the challenge longer, we can certainly do that or we can start a new one.  

Everyone is doing well, except me... I keep hitting roadblocks, but I'm hoping I can get back to business again.

I'm glad you're finally getting spring/summer in the "north country".  There's something about winter that really puts the kibosh to weight loss - even for me here in the Sunshine State.   It seems like winter was extra cold and extra long.

Anyway, welcome and good luck...
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I am down 1 1/2 lbs this week   I continue to be vigilant in my mission   In another winter storm so finally closed the blinds as I am so done with winter  Sick of watching it snow and blow!
Congratulations on the 1.5 lbs; you're doing awesome.

I'd read of another winter storm up there and was wondering if you were getting it, too.  I'm so sorry; I know everyone in that area is so tired of winter.  I really think you should fill your suitcase and come on down!!  Hopefully, this will be the last storm you get.  
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I'm always late. Maybe this is why I'm not losing any weight.  GRRRRR.  Weight neutral again.  (that's up two (or is it three) since we started).  BUT, I'm feeling more motivated.  I got to my boot camp this week, have walked, lifted my weights and have NOT pigged out like a stray dog in front of a food bowl in the past couple of days.  THIS Is my week to lose a pound.  

On another eating note, my older son who is a notorious unhealthy eater (partly due to sensory issues where he has a hard time with texture, tastes, and even chewing although he can chew all candy just fine) . . . is running track and IN TO IT.  We read about eating for best performance and he has been requesting to eat this way!  FINALLY, he's motivated himself rather than my trying to force him!!  (happy dance)
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You're right there with me, sm,  as far as being weight neutral... I'm doing well, though.  I saw my naturopathic nurse practitioner yesterday and got the results of some blood tests she'd done last month.  I found out I'm deficient in several trace nutrients, such as vitamins B1 and 2, K2, along with an amino acid that's necessary for making protein that helps with metabolizing food and some other things.  My protein levels are almost always low when I have routine blood work done and proteins are necessary for building muscle, providing energy, etc.  

This is a very simplified explanation, but being deficient in nutrients makes a big difference in the way metabolism works.  We now have a plan and I hope it works...
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Most of us upper midwest girls are Vit D deficient!   My doctor is big into checking our nutrient levels as that does make a big difference.
I'm deficient in vitamin D too and I've taken B-12 shots for years. Didn't know I had all these others to go with those.
There is also a few books out there that talk about eating food that goes with your blood type.  Been along time since i have read up on it but it is very interesting and does make sense.
I am terrible at taking vitamins.  I got some chewy ones that are tasty even and I have to figure out a way to remember to take them!  I have not had my vit D checked but would guess it's low.  What does that do to us?  Make us grumpy?  Then mine is definitely LOW.
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Barb, ever since you started this weight loss challenge we have been bombarded with snow storms.  The one coming tomorrow is going to be huge and nasty.  Tons of snow and blizzard conditions...just sayin!
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No we are in a Blizzard Warning from Friday nite to Sunday with well over a foot of snow.  I am going to lose my mind.
I talked to my sister in South Dakota this afternoon; they're expecting the same.  Pack your bags and come south.  It's not as warm as "we" like it, but it would feel like heaven to you...  Or you can always turn up the heat, put on your bikini and sit under a lamp and pretend you're getting a tan...  I used to threaten that when we lived in Iowa and were going through blizzard/snow storm...  I really do feel sorry for you guys because I know exactly what it's like - that's why I left that area.
They just upped our snow fall to at least 17 inches........
I can't believe it. Here the daffodils are out.
Our weather is also driving me nuts.  It's freezing one day and warm the next.  It will be 7o's today and tomorrow and then a wintry mix and 30 degrees Sunday!  But that's nothing like 17 inches!  Wowie!!  That makes it hard to get out and about!
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Congrats to all.  This week I finally dropped down a pound.
I have been at a roadblock with this current weight. I am still thankful I
Have been able to maintain at this lower weight. Down 12 pounds from this time last year.
Congratulations on your pound down... that's awesome.  Also great that you're down a total of 12 lbs.  Always good when we can get down and maintain.
Yay!  Good for you.  I'm wanting WANTING to lose a pound.  And losing 12 overall?  Great job!!
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