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Sunday Weigh-In August 19, 2018

Good morning... it's another bright, sunny day in my world and it looks like it's going to be a hot one, which is par for my area this time of year, though it has cooled off slightly the past few days... Right - it's gone from the upper 90's to the mid-90's... lol   People say Florida doesn't have "seasons" but even with the warm temperatures, I can feel a shift toward fall - there's just something in that morning air that signals the end of summer coming.

Anyway, there hasn't been a whole lot going on here this past week... part of it was good/okay, part of it, not so good, but isn't that the way it goes?  

We belong to a woodworking club since my husband and I both do quite a bit of woodworking, as well as working with other mediums.  My husband does a lot of metalworking, also and I'm teaching myself to do some leatherwork; I've started making bracelets and that sort of thing.  My latest project has been trying to get my shop sorted out so I have room for all the different things I do, ranging from building projects to woodcarving, woodburning, and refinishing to the leatherwork, etc.  My shop isn't very big and definitely lacks storage space, so it's been a challenge finding room for the various tools and equipment required for each task...

Anyway, we had a meeting of the woodworking club this past week and, previously, I'd expressed a desire to learn how to make ink pens from wood, so one of the members brought me some tools and equipment to make some... I've watched a ton of videos and I think I can do it... today, I'm going to give it a shot

So - weight-wise, I was doing well, until last night when I decided to have some chocolate - big mistake as that seems to stick right with me, along with every grain of salt I eat.  I was down a couple of pounds earlier in the week; today I'm only down by 1 pound.  Can a piece of chocolate really make that much difference??  lol  I guess for me it can... Anyway, a 1 pound loss is better than nothing so I'll take it, but I'm still struggling to get back to where I was before I went on vacation... I had no idea it would be this difficult, but it's a new week and a chance to start again.  

I'm off to try my hand at making an ink pen.  Tomorrow I go for my eye exam to see what, if any, permanent damage might have been done when I had the accident with the branch in my eye a couple of months ago... Hopefully, whatever is going on can be corrected with a new prescription for glasses...

Let's hear about your week. I hope you've had better luck than I have...

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

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Hi, I am still at the farm, and on the old scale here I'm up a pound. On the other hand, I ate a full meal before weighing, and usually I weigh first thing in the morning on Sundays, even here with the different scale. I'm going to drop by the little house later, to pick up the Sunday paper and the mail, so will try weighing on the digital scale then, but this will be a Sunday evening weight and not an empty-tummy morning weight, so I don't have big expectations.

Son and hubby have taken the electric car to the beach, leaving me with (the theory that I'm going to do) some sorting of junk and organizing the house. Maybe. It's pretty hot. We *are* having cooler nights, though... possibly inspiration will strike at the times of day when the house is not so warm. Right now, my cat is stretched way, way out on the sofa asleep, looking so limp that it makes me drowsy just to glance that way.
Scale at little house did not magically make the extra pound melt away. I think I'm down overall (since the challenge originally started) about three pounds, and I've been lower. Too bad!
Well, if you ate a full meal before weighing that could easily explain the extra pound - I know it would for me, anyway.  

So your husband did get the electric car, huh?  I assume it made it to the beach and back - not sure how far that is for you... Sorting junk and organizing isn't too much fun when it's really hot.  I think I'd have been inclined to stretch out on the sofa with the cat and have a nice nap while the guys were out beaching it up... lol

Heat can cause fluid buildup in our tissues even if we can't see it; so that could help account for the extra pound and explain why your other scale didn't show less than your old one...  Still, being down by 3 pounds since the beginning of the challenge is not bad.  I'm struggling to hold steady, though I've been as much as 4 pounds lower than when we started.  

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I stayed even this week.  I think the heat and humidity had something to do with it.  It was brutal here again.  Tonight the humidity is gone, windows are open and i have a blanket over me.  Could reach the upper 40's tonight.  Sleep will be amazing!!  Hot and humid again this weekend!

I go in for my once a year hair coloring next Tuesday!  Takes forever due to my hair being so long but i love the outcome.  

My daughter started the Zoladex this morning.  Diarrhea arrived this afternoon.  Tomorrow may be hot flashes!  She is taking it in stride so that is good.  The other chemo drug starts in a month.  Ovaries can be taken out anytime is she decides she has had enough of the shots in the belly.  I so wish that this was me going thru this instead of her.

My other daughter has lost over 60 lbs.  She is counting calories and doing amazing.  I am so proud of her for doing this the healthy way.  She feels so much better.

Well that is all the news in my world.......Time for this old girl to sleep!
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