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Sunday Weigh-In December 2, 2018

Good morning… Wow – here we are into December, already.  I know parts of the country are having bad weather.  I hope it’s not bad wherever you are… We’ve just had a few days of “unpleasant” weather – cold and near freezing, which for the crops we grow can be devastating, but it’s warmed again for the time being.  I think we’re headed for a summer-like day today unless they changed the forecast.

There hasn’t been a lot going on here… my husband has been knee-deep into TV this week; yep, TV… how exciting since I’m not a TV watcher.  lol   We’ve had a subscription service and our contract was about to run out, but he thought he had until January to research other options… not so; the contract actually ran out last month, but we just found when I got notice from my credit card company (auto-billing) that the price had taken a large jump… Anyway, he started looking into different services and once he decided on what he wanted, off we went to purchase the necessary equipment.  Oops, didn’t get the right thing, so back to the store to exchange that… you know how it goes.  Anyway, the first day with the new service was spent learning how to operate it and deciding whether he liked it; the past couple of days have been spent watching everything under the sun… programs/movies that we weren’t able to get with our old service – now he has, actually, several services in one – however that works, so the variety is endless, it seems.

His time in front of the TV, and the cold, rainy weather left me not doing much of anything constructive, although I’m not sure why because I don’t watch TV with him.   I did some sewing on the days it rained and I did get out and go for walks a couple of days, but they weren’t long enough.  We did go to a wood carving show yesterday and I bought a new carving knife – hopefully, it won’t be too long before I decide on something to make with it.  :-)  It’s been too cold to work in my shop very much as most of what I do can’t be done well if I’m all bundled up and/or wearing gloves to keep my hands warm.  Complain, complain!!

So, the sitting around, doing “not much of anything” has left me with the munchies – actually, it’s left me craving sweets and I don’t even like sweets.  How much sense does that make?  I’m also a bit “bah humbug” about Christmas, which is typical for me for a number of reasons.  Anyway, all this extra craving has added 0.8 lbs to my small frame since last week… I can’t believe I made it through Thanksgiving holding steady, only to start gaining now…

On the way back from the wood carving show, we stopped at the nearby candy manufacturer (a name you’d all recognize…lol) and stocked up on a variety of chocolates, caramels, jelly beans, etc, which always go on sale after certain events/holidays like Halloween.  Typically, my husband would be the one to eat this haul, but I gave him a run for his money last night… grrrr

I haven’t been eating well either, so my tummy isn’t doing well and I’m very bloated, which is contributing to the problem, but I can’t blame it all on that...

What’s done is done; now it’s time to undo it.  It’s a new week and I’m determined to get back on my healthy eating plan,so here we go…

How about all of you?  What has your week been like?

~~Wishing all you a wonderful, successful week~~
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I came down, not a complete pound in a week, but the .6 of a pound I put on with Thanksgiving is gone and about .4 more by this morning. This means I'm at the lowest I've been in this weight-loss effort. Food is not ruling the roost nowadays, we're too busy. And I see my son refusing desserts [occasionally] which makes me think we're all on this track, and it's a good feeling. If we can keep it up for the next three weeks, we should all have some room for Christmas without it putting us back up again.
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You're doing awesome and it sounds like you've got the whole family involved.  That's even better yet.  Staying busy definitely helps take one's mind off food.  You'll get off that last 5 pounds in no time at the rate you're going.  :-)
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