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Sunday Weigh-In February 17, 2019

Good morning... how is everyone doing this morning?  It's still dark, but I think we're in for a pretty nice day... It looks like it might be a bit cloudy (or maybe foggy) right now, as it's obscuring the moon, but the weather report says we're headed for the 80's later on.  

The house been pretty quiet this week, after the whirlwind of having our son and his family here last weekend, with all the running back and forth for our daughter-in-law's commencement ceremony, the parties, family gathering, etc. It was really nice to have our family together last Sunday... that was the first time the 4 of us have been together in 18 yrs... wow!!  

Anyway, this week has been spent trying to get the house back in order and getting back to normal - whatever that might mean since it doesn't seem like we really have a "normal" anymore.

I'm not sure what's going on with my weight... I didn't get to weight on Sunday, but on Monday, I was down 2 lbs from the week before, which is great; this week, I'm back up the 2 lbs... Funny (not haha) how that works; I don't seem to be able to fluctuate by tenths of a pound, I have to do it by whole pounds and multiples at that!!  

I have trying to eat well, but I have been eating a slight bit more carbs (rice, mostly) than usual, though it shouldn't be enough to gain 2 pounds.  I've also been walking every day, which I didn't do last week when my son was here, but still I lost a couple of pounds while he was here.  

I've been looking back over my weight tracker... I think we started the current series of challenges in about April of last year when we did the bikini challenge... On November 10, I was down 5.6 lbs from my high in April, then suddenly, my weight took a jump by about 4 lbs within a couple of weeks and it's been bouncing within 2 lbs of that higher number ever since. I'm baffled as to what caused that jump or what's keeping my weight so high.  

I walk nearly every day with my neighbor - that may or may not be a good thing.  We go a longer distance at a faster pace.  When I was actually losing, I was walking every day, but it was before my neighbor returned for the winter so I was going on my own.  I wasn't going as far, nor as fast, but I was losing weight...  The distance/speed may be causing increased inflammation in my body which is detrimental, but IDK if that's contributing to the weight issue.  

I also have hypothyroidism and I know that stress contributes to that... there's certainly been no shortage of stress, add that to inflammation and that could add another ingredient to the disaster recipe. I also slacked off on some of the supplements I was taking, so I have to get back on all of those... they do help with inflammation, digestion, stress, etc.  

So - for me, it's time to sit down, figure out my strategy and get back to business... it's only a couple of weeks until I have the procedures on my legs to reroute the blood vessels and I know I won't be able to walk the distance I've been walking every day with my neighbor, so I'll have to rely on other ways to keep my weight in check.  

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it...  :-)  I'm off to get ready for my morning walk.  So, what's going on with you?  I hope you've had a good week and better success than I've had.  Let's hear it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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My sister is visiting me again to help me hack away at the 20+ years of accumulation of my, my husband's and our son's stuff, at our family farm. We have been opening bird-pooped-on boxes and finding lost things, and lots that have (thank God) aged enough not to keep. The garage is getting full -- a "sell" group, a "give to the Goodwill" group, a "give to the women's shelter" group, and a (very large) "trash" group. My husband has already made two full-SUV runs to the Goodwill and it's time for two more, with more on the horizon after that.  

This is my sister's second trip here to do this, and though I'm paying her (she has done this kind of work professionally) it's still tough for both of us. For one thing, I'm not getting enough sleep. I haven't gotten crabby but I feel like I'm not working very well, the decisions are slower to make than they should be. For another, my sister (no spring chicken) has been doing much of the carrying and lifting. She crawled under some eaves in nasty insulation with spiderwebs and dead flies to drag out boxes, and she went out in the dark to carry in dirty boxes from an old loafing shed, fully expecting mice to jump out in her face, and what is possibly the worst is that I tell her boring stories about one item or another. (I try to be good about that -- my dad doing it when I was packing up his house drove me crazy because he would expect me to stop and listen and smile at him when I just wanted to get things done. I assume she knows she doesn't have to do that, but I should probably tell her just in case she's being polite.)

A lot of the work is sorting, making it hard for her to work if I'm not there (such as, if I've slept in). Left to her own devices, she will save more things than I would, and waste a lot of time figuring out how to neatly put them away. (For example, we went through a stack of paintings yesterday. They were leftovers from ones I bought five years ago to decorate the little house. She might have saved most of them if I hadn't been there to tell her that I didn't care about them very much, and instead we only kept three.) So I have to be there, and if I went home to catch some sleep it would just hold things up.

And it really has to get done. I found my passport yesterday. (Knew the general area where it should be, and I was right, but I could not have found it easily.) If this is true now (that I was only vaguely aware of where the car titles and my Social Security card were), how much clearer headed am I going to be as time goes by? Not. If I don't organize now, and throw away the things obscuring the things I like and need, life will be very uncomfortable later. But nobody said this kind of thing is easy. The problem with having space to store things is --  you wind up with things.

Weight is up 1 pound. Though I'm physically active on this project, we are also eating out a lot and hungry! Had fried oysters yesterday and they always make me retain water, I'll see if I go down tomorrow.

Have a great week!
Oh, I'd give almost anything to have one of my sisters come help me go through my stuff and weed out the junk... I do it periodically, but it's easier with help... lol   I keep a bag in my closet for the Hospice Thrift store (I take my stuff there vs Good Will) and when the bag gets full, I drop it off.  
If I had help, I wouldn't even tell the stories behind all the items, unless they asked about them...lol

Anyway, I made up my mind to get my stuff more organized a few years ago after my Auntie passed away and I had to clear out her house... I swore no one would have to go through the same thing when I was gone... I've worked at steadily since then, with trips to the Hospice thrift store, yard sales, trash, etc.  I'm quite discerning about what I buy now - if it's not something I really need or will use, I don't buy it...

You haven't done so bad going up a pound, since you're eating out a lot. That type of work does tend to make one hungry, I think.  Of course, the swelling always adds extra poundage, as well.  You'll probably be back down in the morning.

How long will your sister be there helping you?
Only until Wednesday morning, alas. She can only come a week at a time, and frankly I could use her for a month. (Though I couldn't afford it. lol)

We went through paperwork today from my last, failed IVF attempt, followed by washing and packing up for donation a lot of baby and toddler clothes. THAT was emotionally quite a lot to do.
We packed and sent out to the Goodwill about 35 boxes of clothes, toys and household items, three dining chairs (two antique!) and two paintings, and we bundled out ten drum-liner sized construction trash sacks of dry trash to await the trash man over the next five weeks. (I priced dumpsters, but there isn't much trash at the farm when nobody is staying there, so we just neatly lined up the sacks in the loafing shed to dole out every week when the trash man comes.) My sister was extremely patient and didn't go "Eeeew! Why do you have so much crap?" even once. There is more to do (the barn needs to be cleaned out) but I finally feel the job is not a hopeless mountain.
I don't seem to be getting notifications when comments are being made anymore, so I missed these last 2 comments.  

I think I could get through all my stuff in a week, easily, if I had help; I could probably do it, myself in that time, if I could work on it steadily... it's just being able to work at it without interruption that I have problems with!!  

I'm sure going through the IVF paperwork and the baby things, etc was very difficult for you.  I hope your sister was able to help with the emotional impact of all that as well as the physical job of getting it washed and packed up for donation.

I can certainly identify with what you're going through.  I had to do all this after the Aunt I cared for passed away.  She had a small 2 bedroom home and had every nook and cranny packed full of things, ranging from gardening supplies to craft and sewing stuff.  My winter neighbor made many of the 1.5 hr trips to my Aunt's home to help me go through stuff and divide things into piles to keep, donate and discard.  In one day, we loaded up about 20 banker boxes and 15 large sized trash bags of craft materials to donate to my Aunt's church that had a school attached.  6 yrs later, I still wonder how long it took them to divvy up all that stuff between the ladies groups and school art classes.  

It's great that your sister is patient and non-judgemental, but then she's getting paid to help you.  Will she be able to come back and help again later or do you have to finish the rest on your own?
My sister can come back, but until next winter she can only offer three days at a time, and since we're paying her air fare it might not be worth it. My husband says he can help. (!) We'll see about that one. His idea of help heretofore is to get so bored by sorting one box that he declares loudly that it should all go to the Goodwill. Had I taken his advice, my passport would have wound up there. lol
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