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Sunday Weigh In February 23, 2020

Good morning... How is everyone today?  It's a cold start to my day, but the sun is shining, so hopefully, it's going to warm up nicely.  

There's not a lot going on in my world this week, so my post is going to be pretty short this morning.  We went on a short, two-day jaunt down south to a tractor show last week, which was kind of fun, although I'm not a big tractor buff.  My husband enjoys seeing the old tractors (I do too, for a little while) and engines, etc and I enjoyed the ride down and time away from home, so it was a win/win situation.

Nothing has changed much, health-wise.  I'm still dealing with my acid reflux and muscle cramps, which I thought I might have been getting under control until I woke up at 3:30 this morning with both... Oops!!  I'd put off calling my gastroenterologist because I didn't want to be pegged as a whiner, but maybe I'm going to have to call after all.  

Weight-wise, I think I've probably gained a bit, but I think most is water weight.  I haven't weighed yet this morning, but will do so and post later.  Right now, I'm off for my morning walk, which I haven't done for a couple of days due to the cold/wind.  

I hope your week brought everything you hoped for and am anxious to hear about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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We've been at the farm, with the uncalibrated scale. I'll be back to the scale that weighs me in tenths of a pound tonight ... am guessing that my weight will be slightly down. Right now I'm more concerned with a nagging headache that has been with me the last day. My son had a sudden fever and sore throat on Thursday, missed school Friday and slept 36 hours, and was better Saturday afternoon. (That's the way he gets colds. They knock him out, but then are done.) I wonder if my headache that is unresponsive to meds means I'm next.

Before the health mini-drama, my sister had called last week with a plan that she and I would go to the farm for the weekend. She's working on a document for a grad program she is in, and I am working on our family's taxes, so she thought we could have like a pajama party and get all our work done. Though I didn't talk the plan up at all, apparently the idea of the weekend at the farm suddenly sounded irresistable to my son and husband. Saturday afternoon, they arrived too, meaning we had to socialize and run to the grocery store and cook an actual dinner, and here came the pets, and the need to vacuum, and on went the television, and all the things we thought we were getting away from by sneaking off in the first place were suddenly right there with us. It was pleasant, but after dinner my sister just went home (now having fewer people to deal with at her home than at our retreat), and I kind of wish I had too. At least I could have gotten the taxes done! lol The trouble with going off for peace and quiet is that if more than one or two people are there, then you have to deal with making real meals and cleaning up, which my sis and I were content not to bother with.

Anyway, will post back when I get a reliable idea of what my weight did last week.
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The retreat at the farm sounds like it would have been fun until the whole family showed up... lol  I can understand why your sister went on home - kind of defeats the purpose of going someplace nice and quiet to work if everyone follows you.  :-)

I got busy in the shop this morning after I got back from my walk and forgot all about weighing, so I'll have to do it later, as well.  I still think I'm probably up  a little bit, as nothing seems to be helping me drop anything lately.

Good luck...
Well, not down but hardly up. We had a big dinner last night, and I came out .4 up from last week.  :P
A big dinner can make a make 0.4 difference, easily enough.  Heck, for me, a big dinner can make 2 lbs difference...   :-)
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This is my first time checking it. I hope this will motivate me to really fight to lose weight. I weighed in at 165 exact today.

Last week I know I didnt follow a good diet plan at all. I had decided I was going to eat right starting March 1st which I think led me to indulge a bit.

My husband says he wants to go run around the track twice and walk a bit. I sai f I would go but probably would walk. Allergies right now are my worse enemy.

Well, I wish everyone luck on their health goals.
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Hello and welcome...

Isn't it amazing how we can tell when we didn't eat well or exercise like we should have?  lol  I always know, but sometimes, it doesn't do me any good.  

Did you make to the track to walk/run?  I walk about 1.5 miles most days with my neighbor.  We've skipped a few because of the cold.  

I hope you have a great week.
Last week I am proud to say I got in at least 30 mins of walking outside during my work week. I usually walk for an hour but it has been so cold here, and I dont like the treadmill or walking out in our gym at work. I prefer outdoors. However, today I went to the gym and found no one in their I tried the rowing machine and checked out what they had in there. I feel like I got a solid 15 minuet work out. I just need to get better at setting up a planned work out and not jumping from activity to activity LOL.
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Well, I didn't even come back and actually post my weight yesterday.  I guess that's because I didn't actually step on the scale yesterday - but I did it this morning.  As I thought, I'm up by a pound from last week, which isn't surprising.

For some reason, I can't over the sugar and salt cravings.  I know they say when you have cravings like that your body needs something else, but nothing else seems to be filling the bill lately.  I just have to figure out how to get out of this mode, somehow!!
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It can hard for sure. I know my weakness is cookies (at least at work). Luckily at home I  eat sunflower seeds, and Siete Chips (they are made with cassava flour). I also have found a dairy free ice cream, it still has sugar but it is less. I choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate as well. I figure the little changes will one day get me to where I really need to be.

Another thing I have learned is fruit does meet my sweet cravings but it takes a bit more then ice cream to do it. I usually eat strawberries or grapes.
The funny thing is (not funny haha, but odd) is that I didn't care for sweets until after my thyroid died, then it seemed like I can't get enough.  I've never been big on chocolate either and fortunately, I'm still not.   I do eat fruit, but limit that too, because even though it's natural, most fruits have a lot of sugar and do the same thing to blood glucose as anything else with sugar.  I try to stay with apples, pears, etc as they have more fiber than most other fruits, though I do eat grapes as well.  I also eat pineapple, with cinnamon (the cinnamon helps regulate blood glucose).  

Cinnamon is also good for making things taste sweeter - for instance, if you eat cereal or oatmeal, sprinkle some cinnamon instead of sugar on it... or add a tough of vanilla, cloves, etc.

If I eat something like ice cream, I find that I eat more if I eat the dairy/sugar free types.  If I go ahead and eat full fat items, I'm satisfied much more quickly and for a lot longer with less than if I eat a lower calorie type.

We're all different.
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