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Sunday Weigh-In February 3, 2019

Good morning, everyone.  Well, it’s still early (4:40 am and still dark); it’s foggy and I think we’re supposed to be getting some rain today – not exactly what I had on my agenda, but I guess there’s not a lot I can do about it, so I might as well relax and go with the flow…

There hasn’t been a lot going on this week… a bit of drama with my daughter that wasn’t very pleasant, but that seems to seems to be a normal thing these days – you'd think I should be used to that by now, huh…  :-)   She, her daughter and her significant other did come over for a while today to celebrate her and my husband’s birthdays, even though it was a bit late for both and the day went well, so that was good.  

I’m in the process of getting ready for a visit from my son and daughter-in-law who live in the Kansas City area.  We haven’t seen them for 4 yrs, so we’re looking forward to that.  They will only be here for a few days, but, hey – it’s better than nothing.

I’ve been trying to watch what I eat, but didn’t do so well today since we were celebrating birthdays – yeah, we had cake (well, cupcakes – same thing).  I’ve also been doing really well with my walking.  I’ve gone every day the past week, which is good – maybe.  It’s pretty hard on my legs as they get really tired by the time we get through that 1.5 miles, but I’m afraid that if I don’t do it, I’ll get to the point where I’m unable to do it.   It’s the blood flow issue that I’m having the procedures done for that are causing them to get so tired… well, the cramps caused by the blood flow problem are part of the issue, too – they leave my muscles so sore, then walking sort of adds insult to injury, so to speak…

Anyway, that was a long-winded way to say I’ve gained 0.2 lbs… perhaps if I’d stood a bit differently on the scale or something, I might have stayed the same…lol   Although I’d have preferred to lose some (I know - leave the cupcakes alone...), I’m not going to beat myself up – at least I didn’t gain a lot this week, so I’ll consider that a win!!

So – how is everyone else doing?  I hope you’ve all had a good week and have met your goals.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I don't write the weight down from week to week so I don't know the tenths of a pound that I'm down for sure (gotta start taking notes), but I think I'm down about .4 to .6 of a pound. This is not the lightest I've ever been during the challenges, but is within about .4 of being the lightest. It's not too surprising because that cold or flu I had last week really knocked out my appetite and my energy for doing much cooking.

We've been told by the weatherman to expect a little bit of snow this week, maybe tomorrow some, and then again Friday which might be the Northwest's least favorite and most treacherous, freezing rain. It will be cold in the days between Monday and Friday, but sunny with no precip forecast. This will be the first snow we've had this winter. I'm heading for the grocery store in a while (will probably go during Super Bowl when everyone is at home or sports bars). Need to load up on some staples, we're out of all kinds of basic things and the last thing I want to have to do is drive out in the freezing rain for cat food.

Have been taking care of small home repairs. We had a plumber in two days ago, and a roof guy yesterday -- he'll come clean the moss and fix a cracked seal on a vent pipe, next week unless the roof is covered with ice. I think I'll also get someone in to do moss cleaner on our back fence, unless it's so far gone (it was built in 1997 and from the looks of it was just thrown up on the cheap so the builder could say the house had a fence) that he says we might as well just replace the panels. All of this is with an eye to getting our little house in shape for sale later in the spring or in the early summer. Right now, real estate around here is sitting like dead, cold fish, so I'm not in a big panic to get the house ready in a hurry. But we think a move is in our future, for reasons I've talked about before, and we found some pretty nice neighborhoods that we'd gladly move into. So, slowly getting ready.
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I've always had a bit of, what I think could be considered OCD - in that I'm always second-guessing myself in regards to whether or not I did something... Did I take my medications? Did I lock the door when I left home?  Did I turn off the coffee pot, the dryer, the stove...?  Did I turn off the lights in the car when I got out?  Did I flush the toilet?  Did I put the dog out before I left home (when we had one)? - all those things I have to go back and check to see if I really did - sometimes more than once.  Anyway, because of always second guessing myself, I made a sheet that lists all my medications, supplements, etc and each day when I take them, I just put a check-mark beside each one when I take it, then when (not if...lol) I'm in doubt, I just have to check my sheet to see that I did.  Because I've had so much trouble with my weight since I became hypo 11 yrs ago, I figured  I might as well add a place to track my weight as well, but I also put my weekly weight here on the weight tracker as well.  

I've always recommended that people keep a food diary and weight records in order to be able to see trends that might identify specific eating habits or weight trends.  You have good eating habits, so wouldn't need a food diary, but I do find it interesting to watch the weight trends/fluctuations.  For me, I know it's not all fat I'm gaining/losing because one can't gain/lose 3-5 pounds of fat in a single day since I don't come anywhere near eating 10,500-17,500 calories/day since it takes 3500 calories to gain/lose a pound.  I'm not sure the tenths of a pound are all that important anyway - we used to only have scales that showed whole pounds and we either gained a pound, lost a pound or stayed the same... lol

So, it sounds like you're not going to be left out of the bad weather this winter either, huh?  Since it's necessary to be well supplied when bad weather hits, it's a smart idea to go get your groceries while everyone else is huddled in front of the TV watching the Super Bowl.  That should help reduce the crowds a bit.

So you're working on repairs in preparation for selling the house, but since you aren't in a hurry to do it until spring or summer, does that mean you'll leave things as they are for the remainder of the school year, with an eye to starting off next school year in a different house?  It sounds like you're coming along with projects anyway; I hope it all goes well and the weather doesn't hold things up too much.

Thanks for asking, yes, I finally bit the bullet, and despite feeling like I was going to appear as the hovering helicopter mother of a precious little snowflake child, I went to see the school counselor and laid out what has been going on. My son had been really disappointed not to get an Art class this semester (I assume, because it is the only low-key, non-test-oriented class offered, where you might have relaxed time with other kids and get to make some friends). He had actually said that if he had an Art class, he thought he would not need to transfer until after the summer. So when one of the rentals we had thought would work fell through, I finally just went in and asked. I explained how hard this has been, and about the crying at night, and all, and she (the counselor) just pulled out her laptop and changed one of his other electives to Art. I was so grateful! That simple action saved us so much trouble.
Oh wow - I know you didn't want to make it seem like you were pulling strings to make things so much easier and all that, but I do think it's good that you went in and talked to the counselor.  There's still a lot of school left for this year and I'm all for putting the burden on the school in cases like this?  It's awesome that the counselor was able/willing to get him into an art class and if that's all it will take to help make the rest of the year bearable, I'd be all for it.  Who knows, maybe he'll even get a chance to make a friend or two and/or actually enjoy a bit of the school year... but even if that doesn't happen, as long as it takes some of the stress of, it's a plus.

Anyway, now you'll be able to do your house hunting and find something suitable, plus get your house ready for the market without rushing into anything.  I'm glad it worked out that way.
My hope is just that. A class where things are more mellow and grades don't matter at all, is so much the opposite of what he has been dealing with all last semester, that maybe he can relax a little and enjoy the other kids, and them him. That might make life in middle school more worth living.
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