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Sunday Weigh In February 7, 2021

Good morning... ummm - I guess it's afternoon, isn't it?  :-)  I'm really running late today as we had some things to get done this morning.  It's a beautiful day (finally) and almost too nice to be inside.  

This week was kind of hectic as I had Physical Therapy for my neck 3 days in a row, then a Zoom class yesterday.   My neck hasn't changed much, but I'm hoping it will start getting better over the coming days.  Some of the original exercises I was given cause me to have terribly headaches so the PT said to stop doing those and he's giving me other things to do.  I've been trying to do as much as I can though.  I thought it was making a difference in my writing, but yesterday, I had a terrible time controlling my pen.  

This coming week will be busy as I have PT 3 days, plus I see my ortho doctor on Tues and on Thursday I have the nerve conduction tests on my arms/hands.  That should be interesting.  I was told the doctor would be doing the tests himself, so I don't know if I'll get results right away or not.

I've been walking as many times/week as my foot will allow and we've lengthened the distance we're going so that should be helping.  Earlier in the week, I was down another pound, but this morning, I was back to the same as last week.  That could be because I ate some salty stuff last night - some chips and olives.  Salt almost always causes me to retain fluid so I'm hoping that by tomorrow I'll be back to where I was earlier in the week.  

So how was your week?  I hope you were able to accomplish all your projects/meet your goals for the week and look forward to hearing about it.  Wherever you are, I hope you didn't get hit by the snow storm earlier in the week.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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In the last couple of weeks I had gained, but this week am now back to normal, meaning I've lost at least two pounds. I could shrug it all off as water retention issues, but I really think it was eating the candy bars with my son. There's a definite correlation to having stopped doing that! Too bad, I'd love to think that portion control in general could take me down any time I want to lose, but instead it probably just was the sweet snacks' absence. Portion control is good, too, but it's not as immediate for me!

We''re kind of rethinking our activities now, with the new Covid variants being around. For a while we were satisfied that masking and distancing were enough, and we went to the grocery store and post office and other places almost like normal. Now, not so much. We're ordering our groceries much more (had gotten a bit out of that habit) and going out less. Not that doing errands translates into lots of exercise, but it seems to keep me moving, and I'm not doing as much now. Can't help but wonder if the virus will just keep mutating until it hits on a combination that wipes out everyone. Gloomy thought!

The excitement in the household is that it's the end of the school term, and our son is hustling (and also shucking and jiving on some assignments) to get things turned in by tonight. We've had some late, late nights and some arguments about buckling down and getting it done, as well. There's only so much a mom can do, but I find myself lying awake at night listening for him either working or going to bed. He's in 8th grade, and prime time to learn how to manage assignments on his own so he doesn't get stuck like this at the end of the term. On the other hand, school has been all virtual for a year, and it's been tough on every kid. I'll be so glad after the 9th, the end-of-term panic will be over and we can have a calm conversation and set plans for his managing his time in a better way next term. May as well learn to do this in 8th grade instead of having to struggle with it in college.

We're expecting snow this upcoming weekend. Everyone is excited! We don't get it often enough for it to be a pain in the butt -- are still of the "let's get the sled out!" mindset. I hope we get a few inches and it stays a few days.

Have a great week!
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