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Sunday Weigh In January 19, 2020

Good morning... how is everyone doing this morning?  Even though it's early, it looks as though we're off to a good start, whatever that might be.  It is supposed to rain later, so that might not be so great.

It's been a pretty good week, though a bit stressful... we bought a new van back in November and the dealer told us it had some features that we paid for, but later found out it didn't have so we've been trying to get that resolved.  We finally did yesterday in the form of a different vehicle.  We came out "okay" on it, but not as well as the dealer tried to make us think or as well as we'd have liked.  I guess the main thing is that they treated us well and the issue did get resolved.

Aside from that, I've been getting ready for today - January is our main "birthday month" of the year - meaning we have multiple birthdays this month so my daughter chose today to get together to celebrate the ones who are here and can actually be with us and of course, she chose to have everyone come to my house.  :-)  I've been trying to get things cleaned all week but between working on the van issue and getting some things done in my shop that had to be done when husband was inclined to do them... well - let's just say a lot of the household issues went by the wayside and let it go at that.  lol

I did manage to get cards and gifts, though not exactly what I wanted for husband, but his birthday isn't until later in the week so I can finish working on his things over the next couple of days.

Nothing has changed much health-wise, so I won't even go there.  I need to call the gastroenterologist and make a follow up appointment, but I'm dragging my feet because they seem so disinterested in everything.  I do have the appointment with the endocrinologist at the end of April and somehow I seem to have convinced myself that if I can keep going until then, he'll help me, but another part of me says it's false hope.  

I haven't been keeping very good track of my weight but when I weighed yesterday I was up 1.6 lbs from last week, which was up a little over a pound from the week before, so something is definitely not right, though I'm at a loss as to what it is because I'm obviously going in the wrong direction!!

I'm still walking every day.  Our route takes us approximately 1.5 miles and of course, I put on a lot of extra steps moving about my shop doing projects, etc.  According to my Fitbit, I'm doing over the recommended 10,000 steps almost every day and there hasn't been a single day in over a couple of months (except when I had my surgery that I did less than 8,000 or 9,000, so it's not like I'm simply being a couch potato.   I am still craving sugar and salty foods - for some reason, I can't seem to break out of that, but I continue to try.

So - that's my story.  What about you?  I hope you're having better success than I am.  

I'm off to get some things done to prepare for rain and company today.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I weighed last night, and was the same as two weeks ago. That's actually a good thing, because last week I was up from that weight, and this week I'm back to it, meaning I lost the extra pound+ that I had put on. These are small numbers -- as we talked about before, it's the same darn pound over and over. But it's better to have it off than on.

Went to a birthday brunch for my nephew today, where we also celebrated the engagement of a niece. The whole family was there. With Christmas so recent, it wasn't unusual to see them, but it was pleasant.

A tiny break in the weather helped the day, too. It's been grey and rainy (often a bit snowy) for at least ten days, even downright gloomy. Today we had sunshine.

All in all, pleasant if not very dramatic.

Hope everyone has a great week!
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