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Sunday Weigh In July 12, 2020

Good morning, how are you doing this morning?  It's all quiet here.  It's been so hot lately (heat index well over 100°) that most outdoor projects have come to a halt since it gets even hotter than that in my shop.  There hasn't been much breeze lately, either so I have to have a fan running all the time - the fan only blows hot air, so not help.  

We continue to have increasing cases of COVID-19, so we have to be quite selective in where we go/who we see. We do not have a mask mandate in my state (though some cities/communities have enacted them), so a lot of people refuse to wear them.  I did visit my daughter in another city on Friday and we went out lunch - wearing masks of course, except while we ate.  Most restaurants are at limited capacity, employees must wear masks and social distancing is required, along with enhanced sanitation, etc.  I did feel quite safe in the restaurant.

Health-wise, I'm doing about the same - still having issues with thyroid but that will continue until after I do blood work at the end of the month, when hopefully, I'll get an increase in medication dosage.  I continue to have issues with my neck and am still visiting the chiropractor on a weekly basis.  There has been some decrease in pain and I have a bit more range of motion in my neck, so she seems content to keep the visits as they are, however, considering that it's a 50 mile round trip for each visit, I'm all for getting this over with.  I do have an appointment with my pcp coming up in early August and since he's the one who recommended the chiropractor, I'll see what he says.

I do have some tests coming up this week that I'll be glad to get out of the way.  The good ole' mammogram will be tomorrow.  It will be different this year, as they'll be doing a version called SenoBright.  The SenoBright uses an injection of iodine prior to the mammogram.  Simplistically, the idea is that if there's cancer present, the iodine would go straight to a cancer making a diagnosis immediately and is being used because I had "abnormalities" last year and am high risk for breast cancer since I have a sister who has it.   I'll have to ask why the iodine doesn't go to the thyroid, which is the organ that uses iodine to make hormones.  

The other procedure coming up later in the week is a followup colonoscopy.  Last fall they removed a flat polyp, so now they have to check to see if it's returned.  Flat polyps have a greater chance of being (or becoming) cancer than the fingerling type.  I'm also high risk for colon cancer because I had a brother who had it.  That will be on Thursday - enough said about that...  :-)

Anyway, I'll be glad to get those items out of the way.

Diet and weight-wise, I still continue to gain (am almost back to my all-time high weight), but now my weight is fluctuating, once more, instead of constantly going up... I guess that's a good thing??   Anyway, my treadmill is ever ready to go, but I have to admit I haven't been using it as often/faithfully, as I should.  Although, I'm not real "busy" with other things right now, I don't really seem to be motivated to get on the treadmill.  I much prefer walking outside, but haven't been motivated to do that either... that could be partially, due to the thyroid issue and lack of energy caused by low thyroid hormone levels, but also due to the heat.

I've cut down on the amount of food I'm eating and am trying to get back to eating more healthy things, such as my veggies, etc.  So far, my efforts have not paid off...

I haven't weighed yet this morning, but a couple of days ago, my scale indicated that I was about the same as last week.  I don't know if I'll get anywhere near a similar reading today or not.  At any rate, I'll weigh and post the reading, later.

So that's my story - what about you?  I  hope you reached all your goals this week and look forward to hearing about them.  

~~Wishing you a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**

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I got on the scale this morning like a cartoon character who covers his eyes but peeks through the fingers, and big surprise, was down 1.4 pounds from last week. Lately I've been up, down, up, down but always in fractions of a pound -- if the number had been .4 it would have been pretty usual. But it was a good solid pound on top of that. I even got off the scale and then got back on, thinking I was putting my feet in the wrong place.

I think a difference that might account for the pound is that last week we stopped having any sweet snacks around, even for my son.  I wasn't eating a lot of  gratuitous carbs, but we did have this big box of Halvah bars, and I had worked my way through them slowly but surely. They are made of sesame (protein! and so good for you!) but they also have a lot of sugar. Without them and their sugar, I seem to be able to button my pants.

Also, for months I've been stalled on two onerous chores -- getting our taxes assembled and doing our wills. I got the taxes done last week (and complicated and unpleasant they were, too, I wasn't wrong to dread it). Then this week, riding the wave of having mailed the taxes off, I actually located a lawyer and made a Zoom appointment, and especially, prepared ten typed pages of material on all our assets and liabilities, family members and their addresses, insurance policies and beneficiaries, and a whole bunch of other boring, icky stuff. Almost all of our accounts with beneficiaries are more than twenty years old, and who knows what we wrote on the beneficiary line then or if we had a contingent beneficiary. (I'm going to have to call all these places and see. :P)  But at least I won't have to search for papers any more, and the whole pile of crapola is now the lawyer's problem and not mine.

Anyway, next week if I've lost another pound, I'll assume that both the absence of a steady supply of halvah and the relief of stress, are doing some good.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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