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Sunday Weigh-In July 18, 2021

Good morning.  How is everyone doing this morning?  I hope everyone has had a great week.  It's been pretty quiet here.  We're into another round COVID in my state and we've been pretty busy with things at home, so haven't been going out much. There won't be anymore shut-downs, mask mandates, etc here, so we have to take it on ourselves to be as careful as we can.

Anyway, I spent a good share of the week working on a calligraphy project.  It was more difficult than I anticipated and didn't turn out the way I wanted it, but that's the way it works a lot of the time.

I've been wanting to get out and do yard work, but at 95° most days, it's just too hot to be out working in the sun.  Same goes for walking unless I'm willing to get up at the crack of dawn to do it - I'm not!!  :-)

I haven't weighed this morning, but a couple of days ago, I was the same as last week, so I guess that's not "horrible".  I do have a doctor's appointment coming up at the end of the month and really wanted to be down, at least a couple of pounds.  We'll see how that works out.

Husband was washing a load of clothes last night and discovered that the washing machine wasn't working properly.  He's a great mechanic and could fix it fairly easily, but the machine is, at least 15 yr old, so it's not worth putting any money into.  We're headed out this morning to find a new one.  I have a mound of laundry to do so when we get home, washing clothes will be my "project" for the day.

So that's my story.  I hope you were able to meet whatever goal(s) you had for the week and look forward to hearing about them.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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We had to replace a washer this year also, at the farm. It whammed and banged a lot, and the last time we had a service call, they told us that the proposed fix and the cost of two service calls (one for confirmation of the diagnosis and to order the parts, then one to install the parts) would be $400-500, half the cost of a new washer. I was still thinking about salvaging it, but when I called, they couldn't get us an appointment with a repair person for two weeks. It was around Presidents' Day then, and Home Depot was having an appliance sale, and I dropped by there and they told me they could deliver and install in three days.  Usually we run our appliances until forever (our dryer and dishwasher were both purchased in 2001 and are still going strong like the Energizer Bunny). But it seemed like not worth running our money out with the rinse cycle to keep repairing it.

I'm down a pound from the last week. That's nice! I did expect something of the kind, because husband and son have gone for a couple of days at the beach. When they aren't here, I don't eat much. Handful of nuts and some deli salad, that's dinner. And I've been able to stay off the Dr. Pepper! I did have some lemonade a couple of times last week, but no longer even have D.P. in the house. With all the new press on how soda sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup seems related to getting Altzheimer's and other health problems, I have to pay attention. Even if that proves to be correlation and not causation, such as, it makes people fat and the fat is the thing that causes the health issues, I'm glad to let it scare me off the bad Doctor.

Last spring, our outdoor cat at the farm died, and we found last week that we have had a mouseapalooza in a couple of rooms at the farm. (Surprisingly, though, not in the kitchen or pantry.) We had been setting traps for a month, but once we went to the farm last week to stay, we could see that it was more than random mouse activity. They ate their way through a box of Ivory Soap bars in the linen closet, literally eating a lot of the soap. They piled candy wrappers (and poop) in one corner of our son's room (where some leftover Christmas stocking candy was). They moved a bunch of the cats' corncob litter into my son's dresser drawers, presumably to eat in their hour of need next winter when they ran out of Christmas candy. My husband had been setting mousetraps for the last month (though he hadn't seen this evidence in detail, he could see mice had been around) and has killed about seven mice since then, and this past weekend we vacuumed and mopped and removed all places where there was mouse evidence, and I've taken our cats over and they are at the farm now. But it feels kind of grim. (Which is odd, because when we were newlyweds we lived in the room that is now our son's room and occasionally could hear mice in the walls, and we thought it was a little annoying but just figured the cats would handle it and were not very bothered.) The farm is updated since then (when we were newlyweds, it didn't even have insulation) so possibly that's why it bothers me so much; we didn't have a lot of high expectations of an uninsulated hundred-year-old farmhouse that the wind whistled through in the winter, when we were first there. But I'm calling Orkin tomorrow.

Have a great week!

Once an appliance gets to the point at which it will cost more to fix it than replace it or if it’s too old and likely to have more things going wrong soon, it’s usually best to just replace it.

Congratulations on being down a pound.  It seems to be a lot easier to lose weight when one is home alone.  I can almost always lose a few pounds when husband is gone for a few days because I can fish and other things that he doesn’t like.   If I could fish to my diet 2-3 times/week, I’d be a shoo-in to lose several pounds quickly.   I’m sure staying away from the good doctor helps because of the empty calories.  

Oh - sorry to hear about the mouse infestation.  I hope you were able to get hold of the pest control company and get a plan started.   When my Auntie passes away, her garage was inundated with mice (fortunately, they didn’t get into the house).  I couldn’t go there every day to empty traps and didn’t want to use poison and have dead mice stinking things up.  I bought a pint of peppermint oil and a big bag of cotton balls which I soaked in the peppermint oil and put around the garage, including Auntie’s car.  I did also put a few inside the house, just to be safe.  When I went back the next week, I couldn’t find any mice, so I cleaned up all the droppings and put out new peppermint soaked cottonballs.   Although the peppermint got a little overwhelming (especially in the car), we didn’t see anymore mice or further droppings, damage, etc.   I’ve used it other times,  since then and it seems to do a pretty good job.  
I've heard of that, it might be something to try when we aren't at the farm. Right now it's just constant vigilance. lol
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