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Sunday Weigh-In July 25, 2021

Good morning - how's it going for everyone?  It's a beautiful day here, but going to be very hot before it's over.  Our afternoon temps have been running in the upper 90's and not much rain.  

It's been pretty quiet around here lately.  Yesterday I took a painting class - it's a 2-part class so the second part will be next Saturday.  It was a lot of fun and I look forward to putting into practice some of the things I learned.  

Tomorrow, I have my follow up doctor's appointment.  We'll go over my latest labs and decide if my thyroid levels are okay.  I'm sure he's going to say they are, whereas I'd like to have them a bit higher.  We'll see how it goes.  I do feel better than I did when we changed them 3 months ago, but I was in pretty bad shape then, so it takes time to get everything back to normal.  

The biggest disappointment is that I haven't really lost any weight to speak of - sure, a pound or two, here and there, but nothing outstanding.  I know I have to watch what I eat and everything, but when I do that and still nothing happens, it's a bit discouraging.  Anyway, that was a long drawn out way of saying that I haven't weighed yet today, but a couple of days ago, I was the same as last week, then I dropped down a pound and right back up to last week's weight, so I just seem to be bouncing back and forth.

I haven't been doing a lot of exercise and for me, that's really important because I just don't lose without a certain amount of exercise.  I have to commit to setting aside a certain amount of time every day for exercise.  I'll start my evening walks again as soon as it starts cooling off.

So - that's me, sitting pretty close to where I was last week.  How about you?  Were you able to meet your goal(s) for the week?  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Sorry to not write yesterday; we've been dealing with issues at the farmhouse and the bathroom scale isn't there. But I was able to weigh later, and it looks like I am about .4 of a pound up over last week. In other words, not really a change. I think this is something I can knock down this week, though.

This week, we not only needed someone to come look for mouse ingress at the farm, but also had the a/c repairman out, and now we need a plumber. The farmhouse has leaks of hose bibs, faucets, and a dripping pipe in the garage (the latter of which was pointed out to me by the guy who was here to look for mice, we hadn't noticed it). The water pipes have the wrong joints and are probably on a failure trajectory all over the house. It's going to cost a lot to fix everything that's wrong. I think we'll to tear open a lot of walls. We spent time this evening trying to figure out how to store our furniture safely (if we put it in the older half of the house to work on the newer half, it will just be fodder for nesting mice).

If anyone ever tells you old farmhouses are romantic, tell them "Not so much."

Take care!

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Oh no, it sounds like you have quite a problem on your hands.  Strange that things would start spring leaks now.  Have they only recently been installed with wrong joints or have they been that way for years?

For the mice - think about getting some peppermint oil and soak cottonballs with it to put around the house.  I put them in glass bowls to prevent damage to any surfaces.   That sure got rid of the mice in my Aunt's garage, even without sealing it up right away.   I got my pure peppermint oil from Amazon - I bought it by the pint.

I agree that leaving furniture in there with the mice would only give them a nice warm place to nest.  Have you considered putting it in storage?

Being up 0.4 lbs isn't so bad.  Just think - before we had digital scales we had to gain/lose a whole pound before we could tell a difference.  :-)

This morning when I stepped on the scale, I was pleasantly surprised to be down a pound, but I suppose I'm probably back up again, by now.  
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I will use the peppermint when we leave the house. The Orkin guy did some things, but I was kind of disappointed that he didn't put on a bunny suit and crawl around under the house or anything (he was too fat to get into the ingress into the crawl space). It's going to take more work to keep the mice out than just setting a few mousetraps in our attic, which is all he did.

The pipes in the farmhouse were installed 20 years ago, and they put in the wrong joints at that time. One by one there has been a failure here and there, which we would find by a soggy bit of ceiling. But it wasn't worth emptying the whole house and ripping out a lot of sheetrock just to find all the joints. I think that's what we're facing now, though. If we continue to go at it piecemeal, we won't be able to do things like paint or change the carpets without soon having to pull down wet sheetrock to get to a leaking joint. The house hasn't been painted for 20 years, nor has the carpeting been replaced, so it's getting to be high time.

We're talking about various ways to empty the house so that kind of in-depth work can be done. The best would be to build a 3-car garage and use it for storage of all our furniture and boxes of possessions until the house is renovated, but I don't think we have that kind of money. (It's going to cost a lot to fix the problems with the house also.) Plus, of course, garages aren't always proof against mice incursions. I also don't think we can afford the length of long-term storage that it will take (probably a year, given how booked up all the jobbers are). Our furniture is hardly worth the cost, though of course like all furniture, it has the virtue that its existence means we don't have to immediately buy new stuff.  The farmhouse needs so much, and that brings up the discussion of whether to just sell it at a discount in its present condition and let all the fixes be someone else's problem. Our son is adamant we not sell, though.

So much to think about! Incidentally, after our first trapping binge, we haven't seen another mouse or evidence of one either. The cats might have helped, but I think all the trapping has been temporarily effective.

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I hope the Orkin man plans to come back on a daily basis to check his traps unless he plans on y'all doing it for him.  I didn't use traps in my aunt's house because I couldn't be there every day to check them and the last thing I wanted was dead mice smelling up the place.

It's hard to know what to do with an older house like that.  My sister has a large, old (100+yrs) farmhouse that she turned into a Bed & Breakfast.  She  had to do a lot of plumbing in order to get bathrooms installed in the upstairs, which wasn't an easy task either.  There are a lot of things to consider, that's for sure.  A 3-car garage would be nice to have and could make wonderful storage, but you're right - a garage isn't necessarily "mouse-proof", unless you take extra steps to make sure it's sealed well.  It was the garage at my aunt's that the mice got into.  Fortunately, we never did see mice or signs of them inside the house.  They even destroyed some of the wiring of her car in the garage.

Maybe it was just pair of mice that moved in and had a family.  It sounds like a bigger problem is finding where they got in, in order to prevent others from entering.  Good luck.
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