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Sunday Weigh In June 28, 2020

Good morning.  How is everyone doing today?  It looks like it's going to be another hot day here though the sun may be a bit obscured.  We've had a lot of the dust in the air that's been blown across the ocean from the Sahara Desert  in Africa.  It's created something of a brownish haze in the air, but fortunately, it hasn't hindered breathing or anything like that.

There hasn't been a lot going on this past week... I've kind of taken a break after our recent construction project, though I did get out and do a bit of badly needed yard work.  The COVID-19 cases keep going up in my state - yesterday was our highest ever count (over 9500 new cases yesterday, alone), so we've been pretty much staying home, except for appointments and going out for food, prescriptions, etc.

I'm still visiting the chiropractor, on a weekly basis, for the pain in my neck and although she says it's coming along fine, it doesn't seem that the pain is being diminished much.  I see my neurologist on Tuesday, so will talk to him again about it.  He'd originally said he could do a trigger point injection to help alleviate the pain, but my pcp had suggested the chiropractor instead, so I decided to give that a chance before going for the trigger point injection.

I also saw my cardiologist yesterday and he was happy with everything heart-related so that was good.  I talked to him about my thyroid issue and the fact that my thyroid hormone levels are below range... he wasn't real thrilled with that (thyroid issues can affect the heart) but declined to intervene so I guess I'm stuck until I get labs again in a few weeks.  

I still have a lot of hypo symptoms - the main ones being weight and fatigue, but other, more subtle symptoms are showing up as well.  

I've pretty much given up on weight loss, at this point until I can get someone to listen in regards to my thyroid levels, but I'm hoping to, at least, stop the gain.  I've been gaining close to a pound/day but I stayed even for a couple of days and one day I actually dropped a pound, though it was back the next day...  I know fluctuation is common so I don't get too upset when I have a bit of "up/down" days - it's when they're all up days that I get worried.  :-)

I've been super careful to not eat so much in the line of sweets and am trying to cut back on bread items (sandwiches are so easy and convenient in the summertime).  I've also been getting more exercise the past few days, though I haven't been "formally" exercising, which is something I need to start doing.  

Anyway, I haven't weighed today, but yesterday I was pretty much even with where I was last week, so I guess that's better than going up by another pound.  

Now, it's your turn... how was your week?  I hope you reached any goals you might have set for yourself.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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I re-set my start point when we got our new scale, since I didn't know if it weighs people the same as the old one. That meant erasing my tracker and beginning again with last week's weight as the start point. This week, I'm at .2 less. Not much of a loss! but it could have been so much worse. (I read an article in which someone wrote about trying to lose the "quarantine 15." Can totally understand why people would gain 15 lbs. in quarantine.)

This last week I did our taxes, tough because we sold a house and bought one last year and fishing the property-tax adjustments out of the closing documents was enough to make me tear out my hair. Every time I would look at a document and set it down, it would disappear immediately in the mountain of papers spread out before me. And then it would be time to cook dinner and we had nowhere to eat because the table was covered with the taxes. So all in all, I'm just thanking heaven that is done. I felt pounds lighter psychologically once we handed the packet over to the accountant (who does a lot less than I do to complete them, but who cares, it's off my table!).

Yesterday, probably due to my relief over the taxes being done, I was able to stick with a nothing-sweet rule all day for the first time in a while. Not even one tiny sip of Dr. Pepper! -- I drank a cinnamon water based on your advice, Barb. Anyway, something helped, because three days ago I was up 2 1/2 lbs. and now I'm down that impressive .2 of a pound from the start point. You can see why only such a small loss would have made me happy, the week was that hard. My next project involving records and paperwork is re-doing our wills, but it's just not near as stressful. I probably won't be stress-snacking on sweets over it.  

Husband is yelling to me that breakfast is hot. Must run! Have a good week.
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