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Sunday Weigh-In June 30, 2019

Good morning... How is everyone this morning?  I'm a little late getting started this morning and it's looking like we might get some (more) rain today.  We've had rain the past couple of days - 2.5" the other night in less than an hour, so of course, that didn't stick around very long.  Not that rain, here, does stick around very long, since all we have is sand and it soaks in so fast, that 10 minutes after the rain is over, you can barely tell it's even rained... Well, that's at our house - there are places that really flood with that much rain.

Anyway, it's been a pretty good week... we decided to take a couple of days and go to the beach.  I think it was the first time we've been to the beach in, something like, 20 years...  :-)   10 minutes in the sun can have my husband looking like a cooked lobster, so sitting on the beach sunning is definitely not his forte', although I do enjoy it for short periods.  We didn't do that this time, though.  We checked out the boardwalk, the pier, the Ocean Shoppes, and other  attractions, then went off-beach and did other things.  Our hotel was on the beach and we did have ocean-view with a deck, so that was my "sitting out", which I enjoyed immensely... lol   We did , both, sunset and sunrise walks on the beach, which were very nice.  Simply getting away from home for a couple of days was the nice thing.

Since we got back home on Friday, I've been trying to get some much needed cleaning done.  When we lived up north, I did the whole "spring cleaning" thing during which I cleaned all the cupboards, walls, ceilings, took down all the curtains, washed all the windows - cleaned the entire house from top to bottom.  I don't do that so much, here, because I can clean most any part of the house any time during the year that it needs it.  The problem is - I tend not to clean as often or as deeply as I should.  It's easy to sit back and say "Ehh.. it's doesn't look so bad; maybe I don't need to go to all that work right now!!"  Next thing I know, everything is a cluttered mess, it's overwhelming and I don't know where to start.  That's when I have to just dig in and do one small project at a time and next thing I know, it's all done!!!  So that's what I'm starting.  I did a little bit when we came back from our trip to Iowa when my husband's mother passed away because I brought things back that I needed to find room for. I still have things to find room for, so there's a lot more weeding out to be done.

Anyway, I haven't been sitting around eating bonbons and doing nothing, but I'm still stalled in the weight department.  My weight is still the same as it was last week and the week before - not going up (though it fluctuates with fluid retention), but not going down either.

I'm not sure what's going on, except that I haven't resumed my walking like I thought I was going to, although I did think walks on the beach might be good for a pound, anyway... lol    It's horribly hot here - actual temps are reaching upper 90's every day, so the "real feel" temps are well over 100°.  It's simply too hot to get outside and exercise.  I know I need to, though as we did mow the yard last week and it was sure hard work running that push mower after not doing any exercise for a while.  If I don't get back to doing "something" on a daily basis, I'm going to find myself in the position of a "weekend warrior" - one of those people who does nothing all week, then busts butt with work and games all weekend - those are the ones that end up over-doing it, especially, when it's this hot.  I have to find my motivation; it's easy to talk about it, less easy to get going...

So - that's my story.  How has your week been?  I hope it's been a good week and everything worked out the way you had planned.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Sheez, Florida does sound hot. I couldn't do it.

I rashly had a cup of coffee before weighing, and now am .8 above last week. I don't really think it was the coffee. :) If I put my feet in any other but the exact spots they were last week, my digital scale can vary by a half a pound just by the way I'm standing, so I think the answer is that I'm basically plateaued for these last several weeks. :P I need to move off the Dr. Pepper (it hasn't been a lot but I haven't held back all the way either) and see if that helps.

We're doing prep for moving, and it is getting confusing, partly because we could take things to the farm, but that might not be where we want them in the end, and we don't have an absolute deadline. What goes where, what gets discarded, and where we stay are hard to set. All my work is at the little house (that we are going to sell). It would ultimately be easier to move everything straight to the new house (but it still needs painting and carpets). Also, my husband unexpectedly set up a big July 4th party at the farm and invited all our friends and family, and moving there will inevitably make a mess, and I don't want to host a party among boxes of stuff. A useful directive might be "Move to the farm the week of July 8, leaving all unwanted stuff at the little house and having a big blowout sale to the bare walls the week of the 15th," or something like that. Once I get the overall goal defined, it will make me less hesitant to do things like clean out the fridge or take my clothes out of the closet (I might actually know whether to take them to the farm or to the new house.) What a weird life.

Hope all is well for everyone. :)

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Did a cup of coffee really increase your weight by 0.8 lbs?  I thought I was the one who would be that sensitive to a cup of coffee... lol  I'm not sure my scale is that sensitive; I'll have to try standing in different spots to see how it affects the readings.   So -- you're back into the affair with the good doctor, huh??  I wonder if that might have affected your weight more than the cup of coffee?  :-)

It looks like you're in quite a quandary as to what to do with things right now, with the new house needing paint, a party looming, along with trying to get things ready to move, etc.  With the 4th of July so close, perhaps you could just put moving things on hold and concentrate on the party for now?  Once that's over, you could start going through things in the house you're going to sell and instead of moving them to the farm, then having to move them to the new house, just designate a room into which you could put everything until the new house is ready to start moving things into.   This would eliminate having to move things twice.

This is what we did when we cleaned out my MIL's house a few weeks ago.  We had a variety of "piles" of things - one for each of us that contained things we wanted to keep as mementos, then we put things to be donated into the garage and the people hauling to the donation center loaded from there.  We designated one room for everything that was to be sold, one room for things that had to be gone through a second time (mostly papers, etc), and of course, there was a HUGE dumpster out front into which we dumped the trash (which was a lot)... Since this wasn't a moving operation, everything had to be disposed of in one way or another.  Of course, it was clumsy and we stepped over things for the first couple of days as were getting things sorted - it seems we always end up making a bigger mess before it finally gets sorted out, like when cleaning a closet, etc, but it comes together in the end.

Did you figure out what to do with the carpets from the new house?  Our Habitat for Humanity does pick-up for large items, as do quite a few of the thrift stores, Salvation Army, Hospice Thrift, etc.  I hope you were able to get someone who could put it to good use.

Wishing a happy 4th of July...  
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Oh, I was clear the coffee was responsible for only the weight of a cup of coffee, what is that, about 8 ounces? lol

To make matters more entertaining (and because nothing is ever simple), we got a new puppy. ("Oh for God's sake," I can hear my sister saying, but she was nice enough to not say it to my face.) I have puppy scratches all over my arms.

Yes, the tentative plan now is to prep the garage at the new house (it has three cars' worth of space, though is not quite a 3-car garage) and then put at least the furniture into it, if not boxes. I don't like the idea of having movers come twice (the second time, to move furniture from the garage into the house) but it seems the way to manage the confusion. Better than putting off the move out of the old house.

Off to meet the builder now. :)
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Oh, puppo's photograph is in my pictures. She's quite pretty. Mixed breed, who knows what she will grow up to look like, but not small. :)
I saw the photo of the puppy - she's a sweetheart... she can be the entertainment for the party.  lol

The garage of the new house is a good spot to put things waiting to be moved into place.  It'll be out of the way and that much closer to where it needs to go.  The only thing that would  worry me about that is if there might happen to be mice that could get into things and be carried into the house with the furniture.  We had that happen with one of our moves... I wasn't a happy camper, but maybe your garage is sealed better than ours was.
Mice? Hm... the house is new, but I suppose that doesn't guarantee no mice. I can only hope they were careful about sealing all the possible ingress spots.  (Some of the furniture has been ordered but is still in the furniture company's warehouse, making it also possible to get a passenger from there, though I would hope not!) On the bright side, our cats would be delighted if we provided a floor show and food source for them at the new house.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure we'll handle the need for things having a halfway place by using the garage. I told my husband that he had this week to wash its floor and to seal it if dry.
Our house was new, too, but the garage wasn't sealed very well and we did have to go through it to get in and out of the house, so it would be easy for mice to sneak in... Your things probably won't be there as long as ours were and the biggy is that we didn't have any cats to help control them.  LOL  
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