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Sunday Weigh In March 29, 2020

Good morning... how is everything going this morning?  It's a bright sunny day here - looks like it's going to be pretty hot again.  It's been in the upper 80's/low 90's here for the past week or so and we really need rain.  It was quite foggy this morning, so I guess that will have to suffice for moisture fore the next couple of days.

There's not a lot going on, as we're all still doing the "shelter in place" routine, even though we aren't state mandated to do so, like many other states are.  Our governor has chosen not mandate the shelter in place for the entire state since some counties have very few cases of the virus and he believes those counties should be able to remain open for business if they choose to do so.  I don't necessarily agree because that means we have people coming from places that do have shelter in place mandates just so they don't have to adhere to the mandates in their state.  At any rate, I'm doing my bit to try to keep from getting the virus or passing it on to anyone else.

Because we're staying home almost all the time, there's not really anything going on, so not much to write about this week.  

I am maintaining my daily walks, and trying to do a bit of exercise here and there but there are certainly too many trips to the fridge included in that exercise, which isn't helping anything.  I haven't weighed this morning, but the last time I did, which was a couple of days ago, I was up about 4 ounces from last week's weigh-in, so that's not "horrible", but certainly not going the right direction.  I do know I've succumbed to too many of husband's pizzas and other "quick and easy" meals over the past couple of weeks, so obviously, that's not helping anything...

It's past time to get out the yoga videos, but I haven't done that yet either, although I have caught up on a lot of other projects I've been wanting to get done for a while.

Anyway, I'll post my official weight later.  

How are y'all doing with your efforts?  I know food items may be sparse in the grocery stores, so all we can do it the best we can do...  

~~Wishing everyone a safe, healthy week~~  

...Stay home and wash your hands frequently...
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Hi Barb .. each day seems like each other.. they all blend together.  I'm trying not to change my eating habits too much -- but, some of what I eat is dictated by what is in the house. We take turns going to the grocery store -- and not everything is in stock.  My company is encouraging daily walks, stepping away from your work from home desk, etc. to get up and exercise. I've been tracking my weight and so far, so good. As long as I can stay away from eating chips, and carbs I think I'll be okay --- but those carbs seem to satisfy me the most :-/   Be Safe - Stay at Home - Social Distancing works.
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My son has an assignment given by his food-sciences instructor before school let out for Spring break, which ends tonight even though nobody is going back to school. (They do have plans to proceed online.) Anyway, the assignment was to make a cooking magazine that includes instructions for making biscuits and muffins, certain other features, and three family recipes and a story about each. He's a kid, he procrastinated, and now imagines that his teacher will put out an online summons tomorrow and take away his A if he isn't ready. That meant I was called to the dock to cough up three family recipes. Did I choose: healthful salads? Lean meats with interesting marinades? Nice vegetable soups? Naaaah. I went with - Christmas rice pudding, - apple crisp like grandma used to make, and - the rich, eggy Swedish pancakes of my fondest childhood memories. All carbohydrates all the time. lol

I'm up .2 of a pound. As you're saying, Barb, hey, up only a slight amount is not bad, given the times. It will be interesting (though not surprising) to find that a bit of weight leaves next week, since I was still working my way through the stash of hidden halvah bard. Hard to lose weight when you're sneaking an added 225 calories a day in marble halvah. But, it's gone now.

To give ourselves the illusion of activity during what was supposed to have been Spring break, we've had some meals at the farm and some meals at the new house. After the first few days of my son and husband staying together at the farm eating my husband's dinners, my son told my husband that if he were a chuckwagon chef in the old west, his nickname would be Crispy. After that, I had to cook the family dinner no matter at which location. I've gone to healthful but very filling soups, with a side of veggies or fruit. That's a diet on which I can lose weight, and it's also great during cold season. We had a chicken soup with ginger, star anise, garlic, onions, vegetables, and noodles the other day when we were all sniffling, and at that point stopped sniffling.

We seem to have avoided the coronavirus (so far), and have been managing the (grocery) supply chain with various kinds of help. I ordered groceries, which worked but was a three-day wait and they couldn't get us some things (of all the oddball things to be out of, for example, corn oil). We also check the parking lots of our three nearby grocery stores if we happen to be driving by. When one of the lots gets more empty, we dash in and buy stuff, and leave before anyone can sneeze. This is no a recommended way to avoid Covid 19, but sometimes it's just beyond me to figure out how to tell the online grocery delivery service that I want the Pledge spray in the blue plastic manual pump bottle, not in the aerosol can. At that point, you just have to go yourself.

Everyone take care. I hope the new Abbott Labs fast tests turns out to be the real thing. It will give everyone a lift.
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*bars, not bard :)
*"not," not "no."   lol
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