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Sunday Weigh-In March 31, 2019

Good morning... how's everyone doing this morning?  I can't believe March is almost over; "in like a lion, out like a lamb" - at least, I hope that's the working for you...   Of course, it's still dark outside, but I think it's going to be a pretty nice day here...

This has been a pretty quiet week in my world.  Friday was the last of of the procedures on my legs - now I'm just in for the healing process.  The 3 that have already been done are doing okay, although they're still pretty sore.  It looks like we've accomplished what we set out to do, though, since the swelling is almost gone - well, I do still have to be careful as my body does still retain fluid; it just doesn't pool in my feet/ankles like it did previously.  The horrible muscle cramps are pretty much gone, as is my restless leg syndrome.  The drawbacks are that I have some tingling feelings in my legs where the shots were given, but I'm hoping those will go away with time, although they kind of match the neuropathy in my feet, so I have to wonder about that.

Anyway, because of the procedures, I haven't been doing a whole lot of physical activity - well,  I've been doing some; just not as intensely as usual.  I did finally get worked up to the normal walking route (about 2 miles) that I do with my neighbor, just prior to this last procedure, but now we'll have to cut it back to a shorter route for a few days as my doctor says 2 miles is too much to begin with.  I've also been spending more time sitting at the computer, working on an online course to get CEUs to renew my license for operation of water facilities, in case I would decide I might want to use it - lots of chemistry and math kept my brain busy, if not my body.  I finished the course, yesterday, so I won't need to spend as much time at the computer again for a while.

Surprisingly, my weight stayed the same this week.  Because I didn't do anything yesterday or the day before, I'd expected to go up, at least, a couple of tenths in weight, but I didn't.  I'd like to think that's a good sign, so I'll see how things go over the next couple of weeks.  Even though we've read that exercise isn't a big contributor to weight loss, I do find that the less exercise I get, the less/slower I lose no matter how well I eat.  I'm also finding that first thing in the morning is not longer the best time for me to weigh, as my weight has been going down later in the morning, compared to what it is when I first get up. Anyway, I'm happy with not gaining this week.

So how about you?  I hope you had a good week.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I'm at the farm, so no weigh-in this morning, I'll do it tomorrow morning when back to my digital scale. I took a look at the rusty one at the farm -- it even has a crack in the glass over the dial, and is dusty -- and just said, Nah. I wouldn't guess I've had a lot of change just by eyeballing my tummy, maybe down less than a pound, probably not gaining. We'll see tomorrow!

It's been spring break. I've been looking at houses and my husband and son have taken a couple of short trips. School starts again tomorrow, my son cried two nights ago about it ("because school starts Monday!") -- I don't know how we're going to get through two more years of middle school with family equanimity intact. A friend has a son (a little younger) who is being home-schooled by her husband, a stay-at-home dad who is/was a teacher. I was tempted to ask if it could be a class of two, but when I mentioned the idea to my son, he said he doesn't think home schooling is the answer for him. (Saving me the embarrassment of asking.) The house search within the desirable school boundary area is turning up nothing much. We've seen a couple of houses that two out of three of us like, but the only one all three of us loved cost a third again what we want to pay, and was also pretty far from the school. (Lovely house, though. It's still on the market because it's so expensive, meaning I could still consider it, but ouch.)

Since we had snow so late for this area, all of spring got pushed back. Daffodils are still in bloom, where usually they begin in February and are long gone by now, and this last week with warmer weather, we got a pollen burst like you wouldn't believe as the flowering trees all rushed to bloom. My husband and I were sneezing and blowing our noses like fiends last night, we went through a pile of hankies and a box of Kleenex, and both took Benadryl (which we never do) just so we could sleep without our noses running like waterfalls.

That's all the exciting news from here! I'll post how I did weight-wise tomorrow.
Not as well as I had thought, I'm up .6 of a pound. Not as bad as it could be, since I didn't really watch anything about my eating last week.
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It's a shame that middle school is taking such a toll on your son and family life in general as that's supposed to be a good time for kids - they're growing, learning, making friends, etc and shouldn't be dreading going back to school following spring break.

There isn't a lot of school left for this year and maybe you'll find a house so you can get moved over the summer.

You haven't done bad weight-wise for not watching what you ate.

We've got a high pollen count, too, so allergies are running high - I'm fortunate to not have a big problem with a lot of things.
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I'm not usually that sensitive to much, either. We're beginning to suspect it's a cold and not allergies -- my husband feels totally wretched, and he's not much of an allergy guy either. I had to dig out some prescription pseudophedrine my nurse practitioner ordered for me once, because the Benadryl wasn't doing it.

Interestingly, today the kids were supposed to forecast their electives for next year, and the kid sitting next to Augie said she won't be at the school next year, because they are moving into the desirable school's boundaries so she can go there. I guess we aren't the only family having these experiences. It gives new meaning to the phrase "Middle school was a moving experience for me."
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Well, spring-time colds are pretty common and symptoms do often mimic allergies so it's possible you have colds instead of... How's your son doing in that respect?  I found when I was working in the school system that kids tend to bring illnesses home from school, though by the time they get to middle school, their germ-spreading seems not to be quite as prolific as younger children.  

If you can knock it out on your own, you're lucky; when I get something like that, I usually end up with an infection that only goes away with antibiotics.  

Since the girl next to your son will be leaving the school for the desirable school next year also, it makes me wonder how many others might be following suit (or wishing to).  And if numerous students are leaving, I can't help wonder why something isn't being done to improve the school your son is currently in, in an effort to maintain enrollment.  
Frankly, I think parents are unwilling to make complaints lest it be somehow put into their children's records that the parent is being a "helicopter parent" or over-indulgent of their child.  Don't want the kid to get a big, red "X" in his school record that will come back to bite him later.
You could be right, but it also says a lot about the school and perhaps something should be said to the Board of Education.  If a number of children all have the same/similar issues and desire to leave the school, the school should be looked into to see what's going on.   If no one wants to address the full Board for fear of retaliation, perhaps an anonymous well-worded letter to a single member would get the ball rolling.  

I worked in the school system long enough to know that if one school has a lot of children that don't want to be there, it's something within the school that's to blame, not the children or the parents.
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