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Sunday Weigh-In May 12, 2019

Good morning and Happy Mother's Day... It looks like it's going to be a beautiful (hot) day in my world and I hope it will be the same for you.  We're already into our summer weather, so it pretty much stays the same - 90's with a rain shower/thunderstorm thrown in periodically for good measure.  That makes the grass grow better so we get to mow more often.  :-)

It's been pretty quiet this week and I haven't been doing a lot.  I did work in my shop, at my first attempt at making something on the wood lathe, besides an ink pen.  It's just a little wooden container that will probably end up as a pencil holder or "something"; it turned out pretty well, though the wood has some worm holes in it so it can't be sanded completely smooth as like it, but that's way wood is - you never know what you'll find when you get inside it.  That's what makes each piece special.  I still have to do some more sanding and I'll just put some polish on it to make the grain stand out.

I went back in for a follow-up with my cardiologist since the procedures on my legs.  They've been pronounced a success, but since I'm still having cramps, we know there's something else going on.  I'd been doing a lot of research and had landing on one of my medications, so in the course, of the conversation, the doctor (it was actually the P.A.) landed on that same medication.  As it turns out, muscle cramps are the second most common side effect of that medication, so I've been instructed to stop taking it and we'll see how it goes.  Hopefully, as long as I watch my sodium intake and don't sit for long periods, I can control the swelling on my own.  

They did find an irregularity in my heart rhythm so they're going to put a 24-Holter Monitor on my next week to see what that's all about.  I don't expect it to be any big deal, but what do I know?  

I've been trying to watch my diet (particularly the sodium intake) and have started walking again.  My walking partner is gone for the summer, so my walks are not nearly as long as when she was here, but that's okay; at least, I'm walking.  

As I've noted in previous posts, my weight has typically been less later in the day, but I did weigh this morning so I could record a weight for my post.  I'm down 0.6 lbs from last week, so that's a loss, even though I think I'll be down more in a couple of hours, I'll take that for now.  :-)  

As it turns out, weight gain is also a side effect of the medication I've just stopped taking, so we'll see if that has any effect on my weight.  Some other symptoms I've had also turned to be side effects so I might end up alleviating several issues just by dropping that one medication.  I'm hopeful, but even if it doesn't help me lose weight, maybe it will help with some of the other symptoms.

Anyway, that's my week in a nutshell and it goes to prove that we really need to be aware of the side effects of all medications because they can do strange things to our body.  I do always read the inserts that come with my medications, and thought I knew what I was dealing with, but apparently, I need to read it EVERY time I get the script filled to make sure none of the possible side effects have surfaced.  We should also check online for side effects that might not show up on the printed insert that comes with the medication.

So - how was your week and do you have plans for Mother's Day?  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I looked at the chart I began writing in late March (before I wouldn't bother to write it down, but would just keep track by remembering from week to week, but as the losses slowed down and went to tenths of a pound per week, I couldn't remember if it was exactly .6 or .8, so it was time to take notes!).  Apparently, since late March, I have gained and lost within the same 1-pound bracket but overall you wouldn't call it change. It goes like this: up .6, down .4, down.4, up .2, down 1 lb., up .2, and (this week) up 1 lb. I know where that came from, this week ... I have drunk probably two sixpacks of Dr. Pepper this last week, when usually I might drink one or two cans a week. (It's been a difficult week!) Nothing else seems to make me gain like my illicit love, Dr. P.

Seeing my mother today at 11:00 -- brunch at my sister's house. Mom had pneumonia in the past two weeks, and was hospitalized and then sent to a convalescent center, where she is still. But the place told my sisters and I that we could bust her outta the joint for a Mom's Day party, if we promised to return her after the frolic. She actually looks pretty good and is doing pretty well, I think they intend to discharge her on Monday. It's kind of been a respite for her, since her husband is a worrywart and hovers over her wringing his hands. (A respite for him, too.)

We've put in an offer on another house, this time a new-build in hopes of avoiding the problems found in inspection when we offered for the other one. I just hope they don't find out that the flooring is off-gassing formaldehyde ... they use that "luxury vinyl plank," and vinyl flooring is notorious for that. I've put in the offer that we'll test for VOCs.

Off to prep for Mom's party. I have to buy a pie on the way over. :)
Have a great week!
I'm sorry to hear about your mother's pneumonia; that's not good for elderly people (said like I'm not elderly...lol).  I hope the party well and your mother didn't mind going back to the joint, too much.  :-)

I know what you mean about those tenths of a pound.  I do the same thing only mine often isn't tenths of a pound - I think I've lost and gained the same 5 pounds at least 10 times over the past 5 yrs.  They should have been trampled to smithereens by now, but nope - they keep showing back up again!! lol

I'm sorry to hear the affair with Dr P is back on; hopefully it will be short lived once your mother is back on her feet again.  Even at that, a pound isn't so bad, when you know what caused it and you know you'll be able to kick it again.  

I'm glad you've found another house.  I'd definitely check for VOC's and since mold can be a problem even in new builds, it wouldn't hurt to make sure it's built in such a way as to alleviate that issue.  I hope this one works for you.
It would have been open in the winter months, so we definitely are doing a mold inspection too. We might make it through all the tests with this one, though. I hope so!
I hope so too...
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