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Sunday Weigh In May 2, 2021

Good morning.  How is everyone this morning?  It's a bright, sunny day here and looks like it's going to be pretty hot - normal for this time of year.  

It's been a little hectic here - we just got back Thursday morning from a short vacation (we left on Sunday), it took  a couple of days to rest up.  I'm still pretty tired and not sure what that's all about.  I seem to be sleeping later every morning and still feel tired during the day.

Anyway, during our short vacation, we walked up to 10 miles/day (according to my Fitbit) so we weren't just sitting around doing nothing. Of course, we ate a lot of salty food and not the type I would eat at home.  When we got home, my feet were terribly swollen - I'm guessing a combination of all the salty food we ate, along with a 4+ hr airplane ride during which it was very difficult to get up and move around.  Yes, that was the long way of getting to the fact that I'm up by exactly 4 lbs this week.   I'd not been having much trouble with my feet swelling, until the last day we were gone and suddenly, they puffed up so it's been a struggle to even get my shoes on.

I do know that I missed one of my blood pressure medications a couple of nights, as well as some daytime doses of my T3 thyroid medication.  It's really easy to be "out and about" and either get engrossed in something and completely let it go.  I'm trying to get everything back on schedule again and hopefully, drop off the extra weight.  

I had a calligraphy class all day yesterday, so that meant I was sitting all day - didn't help on, either, the swelling or exercise issues.

That's my story - what's yours?  I hope you had a great week and were able to meet all your goals.  I look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Wow, Barb -- it sounds like you're lucky you didn't have to fly home barefoot! I hope all of that swelling goes down as soon as you get more regular on your meds this week.

I'm up about .3 of a pound from a week ago. Earlier in the week, we bought some snacks for school, and I had a few. It seems to be on a downward rather than upward trend, though. Earlier in the week I felt distinctly puffy, and now I feel normal. (I'll double-check that cheerful assumption tomorrow!)

School began live last week, and it's been difficult, because our son has lost it, sleepwise. With school largely self-directed on the computer this past year, he's  been staying awake late or all night, and getting up very late (except when he has had to get up for an online class, which has usually required his parents dragging him out of bed after he has slept through his alarm clock.) Now he's got to be up, dressed and out of the house in the daytime, and despite this need, he simply can't sleep at night even if he's lying in bed, nor wake up easily in the morning. He's like an angry sleepwalker when awakened, but he would have missed school every day last week if we had left him to his own devices. He won't try melatonin, says it gives him nightmares. So as part of a long-term attempt at solving this, my husband has taken him out this morning to have breakfast at an outdoor cafe, and then go for a long walk, in hopes the daylight will help re-set his internal clock.

I've got nothing fun to look forward to this week -- delayed taxes and cleaning out closets. Hoping to get some wind in my sails about it.

Have a great week!
Actually, I did take my shoes off on the plane coming home and when it was almost time to land, I had to try to get them back on... no easy task, for sure and I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to carry my shoes off the plane.  I've since dropped a couple of pounds of fluid and can finally see ankles again, though my feet/legs are still puffy.  

I wondered how it would go when your son had to start back to school after staying up, and sleeping, late for the past months.   How did the long walk in the sunshine work for resetting the internal clock?  I wonder if he'd need something like that for a couple of weeks or so?  

Ugghh - cleaning out closets... something I need to do and keep putting it off.  I hope you're making progress.  
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