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Sunday Weigh-In November 24, 2019

Good morning... How are you doing this morning?  It looks like it's going to be a bright sunny day here, today, though I haven't checked the weather to see what the temperature is supposed to be.

There's not a lot to report from my neighborhood... We just got back yesterday from our cruise; we've been gone all week.  We went to Key West, then made 2 stops in the Bahamas.  Although I'm not a big "cruise person", we did have a good time.  We had a very nice stateroom, with a balcony, so if there wasn't anything going on that we wanted to participate in, we were happy to chill in the room for a couple of hours.  

We had fun touring Key West and seeing the southern most point in the country - yes, we've been there once before, but that's one of those places, you can visit time and again and not get tired of... at least, I can.  We also enjoyed Nassau, in  the Bahamas.  Our last day was spent on a private island, owned by the cruise line, in the Bahamas.  It was relaxing to simply sit on the beach and relax with a margarita (or two...).  

I'm pretty much recuperated from my recent surgery, though I should probably have given myself a bit more time before undertaking something like the cruise and lugging suitcases, etc but it worked out.  We had luggage taken to our stateroom at the beginning and my husband carried the heavier things that we had to keep with us.  When we got back to port, we took care of our own luggage, which was a little more difficult, but it worked out.  Maybe I'll be able to take a couple of days to rest - no, I guess not... lol

Anyway, not unexpectedly, I gained weight during the cruise... what is unexpected is that amount I gained...  Yeah - I totally didn't expect to gain a whole 5.2 lbs and I have to believe that part of that is due to fluid retention from the salt consumed with the margaritas.  Of course, it didn't help that every meal consisted of some of the best, most delicious crusty French bread, I've ever had the pleasure of eating.  I did, however, make sure I balanced all that with plenty of fruit and some kind of vegetables and/or salad at every meal, including breakfast.  

Anyway, it's hard to believe that I consumed more than 18,000 calories over the 5 days (5.2 lbs X 3500 calories/pound) or that I failed to use up any of it, which I know I did, because we did lots of walking from one part of the ship to another, plus walking around Key West (according to my tracker, I did almost 15,000 steps that day) and Nassau (about 12,000 steps that day), plus we chose to take stairs instead of the elevator many times as we went from place to place on the ship.  Although I did eat 3 meals/day, it's not like I planted my butt in a deck chair and lived on dessert and margaritas for 5 days - tempting, but boring  :-)

Anyway, I often weigh less later in the day, so we'll see if some of the weight drops off later today, beyond that, it will be interesting to see how long it takes for the rest of it to come off.  If it's only a couple of days or so, I'll go with the thought that it's mostly fluid retention, not really fat gain.  

So, now I'm back home and back to business as usual... well, not really "as usual".  Our winter neighbors arrived from OR, the day we left for the cruise, so we have yet to see them and my neighbor and I will begin our daily walks in the next couple of days, I'm sure.  That will help drop off weight, as well as reduce fluid retention.  

So - that's my story; what about you?  I hope the week was everything you planned for and then some. I look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing a wonderful, successful week~~
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Glad to hear your tour was fun! Hope it was ALL fluids and salt. :)

We finally got to the store and remembered (for us, it's two separate processes, arriving and remembering) to buy a new scale. I think we bought the exact digital model we bought last time ... there was one that purports to weigh your body fat also, but it would have taken up too much floor space, says my husband. Got home, put the batteries in, and we all got on it and it weighed us each 5 lbs. heavier than we expected. My son went and got two ten-pound barbells and set them on it, and it weighed them in at 26 lbs. (You can imagine that was a relief.) I'll weigh in the morning, anticipating I'll be within the same five-pound range I've been in for the past many months. Just glad it's (apparently) not five pounds over!

This week school is out, with conferences M T W and Thanksgiving and Friday off. Husband and I went to conferences, where our son got good reviews from all the teachers.  One suggested he invite some friends over, implying he needs to be more social with 7th graders (she did praise his ability to get along with adults). I couldn't tell her that he thinks the small group he has been put with in her classroom are jerks: they had to invent a play using fruit, and the boys all pressed for one to be an eggplant (sexual emoji) and then they all wanted the play to end with someone shooting the eggplant with a gun.  This left my son concerned they would cause him to get a bad grade. I don't think he'll be inviting *those* kids over.

Anyway, other than that exciting day, we've been doing the usual. My husband had to testify in a court case (give a deposition) and he was pretty surprised by the aggressiveness of the plaintiff's lawyer. We've been spending a lot of spare time talking about what the deal must have been with that guy. Otherwise, a pretty boring week.

I'll drop a line in here when I weigh in the morning.
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As it turns out, I think I only gained (maybe) 3 lbs on the cruise... that's how much I'm down by now and I certainly haven't done enough exercise to lose that much weight since we returned home.  

In fact, yesterday, I, too, had to sit in court all day for my daughter's final divorce and parenting hearing, which has been an ongoing battle for the past year.  Of course, it may not be totally "final" since her ex has the option to appeal the parenting decision.  That wasn't something I relished after everything that's been going on this summer, but of course, like everything, it had to be gotten through.   Anyway, I'm hoping to settle into something or a "normal" routine for a while, but I'm not thinking that's going to happen...

I'm sorry your scale didn't ever show up when you unpacked; perhaps it still will.  At least you remembered to get a new one, but I can't help wonder why it's measuring everything at 5 lbs more than it should.  2 - 10 lb barbells should not weigh 26 lbs, as we both know; is there some adjustment that can be made to the scale to correct it?  If you have something of a known weight (such as a 10 lb barbell), you should be able to adjust the scale - or return it to the store for one that weighs correctly.  

My scale measures body fat and fluid, but I never use that feature because it doesn't account for muscle content, etc - according to what I've read scales that do that, supposedly, count muscle as fat (or something like that??), besides, I can look at my weight compared to height (as well as the mirror) to see that there's too much fat present.  I don't need my scale to rub it in.  :-)

I don't blame your son for not being interested in inviting the classmates over to visit, if they're concerned with portraying a fruit as a sexual emoji (I guess I'm behind the times... lol) and wanting to shoot it with a gun.  That's not comforting, either.  IMO, 7th graders are a little young to be thinking about sex and shooting things up.

I'm glad your husband survived the court deposition.  It's amazing how aggressive attorneys can be when they're really fighting for their client.  From my experience from the few times I've had to go to court, those are the ones I want on my side, but then it depends on how their aggressiveness is used.

Have a good week.

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I did weigh in this morning, apparently the scale adjusted itself overnight, because it seems to be producing a realistic weight now. We have to go in for my son's allergy shot today, I might take a weight at the nurse treatment room and then go home and weigh wearing the same things and not having eaten, to see if the new scale corresponds with the doctor's scale. But it seems that the new scale got over its spate of inaccuracy. I'm down about 4 lbs. from the weight I was at my highest back in the joking-about-getting-ready-for-pink-bikinis days, and up possibly 3 lbs. from my lowest. The original goal was to lose ten pounds, have never gotten there but have often been down 4. Based on how my clothes fit, I'd say the scale is as correct as a home scale can be.

Have a great week!
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Good idea to compare your scale to the doctor's scale.  I do that all the time.  The problem is that my drive to the doctor's office takes between 30 and 45 minutes and I can compile a couple of lbs of fluid weight in that time - yeah really.  There have been times, my scale has been "right on" with the doctor's scale and other times, it's been off by a couple of pounds - and all I have to do is look at my left foot/leg, which is the one that retains fluid to see where the difference is.

Another thing you could try is to weigh one of those 10 lb barbells... if it weighs 10 lbs, the scale is back on track; if it weighs 15 lbs, the scale might need to go back to the store.

Enjoy your week.
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