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Sunday Weigh-In November 25, 2018

Good morning... Well, here we are post-Thanksgiving and I hope everyone had an enjoyable time with family and friends.

As I posted elsewhere, we had a very small gathering here - just my husband, daughter and myself, but I still cooked the turkey and all the trimmings.  I did have the good sense to send the majority of leftovers home with my daughter so I haven't been nibbling on them for the past 3 days.  

We did have the disaster with the garbage disposal and kitchen faucet, which have both been replaced so we now have full use of the kitchen sink.  We did have to make a new floor for the cabinet under the sink and that's been in the process for the past couple of days - the wood had to be cut to size and a good finish put on it so when, either the faucets, disposal or drain, inevitably leaks again, it won't ruin the wood right away.  Of course, the original floor was MDF, which is only pressed wood and not waterproof, even with paint on it. Anyway, this project should be far enough along today or tomorrow so we can put the doors back on the cabinet and call it done...

I guess the next project will be putting up the Christmas trees, although Christmas is usually not my best time of year and I, typically, procrastinate when it comes to decorating.  We'll see how it all goes this year...

So - moving right along... I didn't fare too bad from the Thanksgiving dinner and what few leftovers I had, though I don't think the pumpkin pie and whipped cream did a lot of good...  :-)   I was down a pound on Friday and steady with that yesterday, but this morning, I'm 0.2 lbs less than I was at last week's weigh in, so I'll just say I held steady from last week.  

I did retain some fluid yesterday and it didn't all go down overnight, so that account for some.  Stress can account for some, as well, as can the fact that I ate some chips last night (stress eating)... so there is more than one thing to consider.

So - that's my story... how about all of you?  Did you have a great Thanksgiving and were you able to maintain your weight as you'd hoped?  

We have a month now before Christmas - so we have time to get back on track (if we got off track) and try to lose a few pounds between now and then.  Of course, some of us have parties to attend between now and then, so we'll have to plan ahead for those...

~~Wishing everyone a great, successful week~~
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Hi, I'll have to weigh tomorrow, as we went to the farm for the weekend and it has a scale with a mind of its own. (Or at least, it doesn't serve a good comparison to weighing on the decimal scale I usually use.) It will give me a chance to squeeze as many weight-reduction strategies in as possible in the next 24 hours to work off Mom's pumpkin-chiffon pie.  lol
I can't say I blame you for not wanting to weigh on the old scale after Thanksgiving dinner and Mom's pumpkin-chiffon pie.  We know it's more accurate to weigh on the same scale all the time anyway... lol
I am down .02 lbs.  I blame it on the pumpkin pie as it had me running for the bathroom quite a bit!!!  
Good fiber source!

(Too bad my Mom's is not more pumpkin and less "chiffon.")
Ooops, Sarah... that's not what you were looking for was it?  

I wish my pumpkin pie had the same effect on me - everything seems to do the exact opposite... :-(
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This morning I'm up only .2 from my initial weigh-in for this challenge. My weight varies more than 2. within a given day, so I'll count it as holding about even (and be glad I'm not up a pound after Thanksgiving). Generally these challenges have been good for me, I lost 5 of the 10 lbs. I was targeting in the last challenge. But everyone says the last 5 lbs. are the hardest. So we'll see if I can keep the numbers gradually going downhill.
You've done really well losing the 5 pounds and keeping it off, with everything you had going on over the summer and fall.  Now adding the holidays, which typically seem to make it harder on most of us.  I think it's true that the last 5 pounds are the hardest, but I can't be sure because I have more than that to go... lol  Anyway, congratulations...

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So I'm apparently  an emotional eater. First holidays without a parent really suck.

Astoundingly, it seems I didn't gain anything though, or at least remained within the same 2 lb range I seem to fluctuate between day to day.

But oh, the fluid retention. I may as well have just eaten spoonfuls of salt. Back to it today. I have to do this.
First holidays without a parent can be tough so don't be hard on yourself.

If you didn't gain anything, you're ahead of the game.  You sound like me - I have about a 3 pound range that I fluctuate within.  

Do you drink plenty of water?  Being dehydrated can cause fluid retention - I just got chewed out about this when I saw my doctor last month.  I had to convince him I drink enough - most days... lol   But it's true - typically, the more water I drink, the less fluid retention I have.   Also, I don't know what kind of work you do, or if you work, but the more we sit, the more we tend to retain fluid, as well.  On the days I spend sitting at the computer, I end more swollen than the days I get up and go work in my shop or work outside, etc.  If I'm working at the computer a lot, I make sure I get up and move around for about 10 minutes every hour (or even stand at the computer), plus there are exercises I do with my feet to keep the circulation going strong.
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