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Sunday Weigh-In October 14, 2018

Good morning, once again... It's still dark outside, but the stars are shining so I think it's going to be another sunny day here...

It's been a busy week, but it doesn't really seem like I've accomplished a lot - I guess we all have weeks like that, don't we?  I did a little work in my shop, but not nearly enough.  I've got a lot of things I need to get made between now and Christmas time since I plan to make most of my Christmas gifts.

My husband is between projects right now and that makes it a bit more difficult for me because when he's not got things to work on, he sort of expects me to help him "find" things to do.  That's not easy, because he usually wants to go somewhere or something.  Staying gone isn't on my agenda because I have a lot of projects I want to work on.  I can't stay gone and get my own projects done... Anyway, you get the gist of how that goes...  :-)

Thursday I had to make a 3-hour trip (each way) for a court hearing for my daughter.  She's going through a messy divorce/custody hearing and this was a temporary custody issue.  She came out on the winning side this time so things can settle for a bit before they go the next round.  I hate these things; it's always the children that get hurt the most...

As for weight - I'm down another pound, which is good.  I've been eating well and walking a couple miles/day, so I'm hoping I can keep that up.  It helps to have my neighbor here; she loves to walk, so she keeps me going.  

Looking at the clock, that's exactly what I'd better do - get going, as I'm supposed to meet her in a few minutes for our morning walk.  That consists of about 45 minutes, approximately 2 miles uptown, then I'll go again this evening on my own street and in my yard for about 30 minutes or so.  I've been getting somewhere between 10K and 12K steps/day... I'm pretty happy with that.

So how about y'all?  What's your story and how are you doing?

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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We had a 4-day break (from middle school) so we moved over to the farm (with the rusty and unreliable scale). Then I sent my husband and son to the beach for the night last night, and went to an eighth-grade reunion. Haven't been eating much, so things should be relatively level on the diet front, sure I haven't lost much, though. I'll weigh when we get back to the little house with the decimal scale.

I mentioned "Curves" last time because most of the gyms around here are laden with hairy young guys and heavy rock music, not calculated to make a middle-aged lady who isn't muscular feel welcome.  But the point is worth taking that some gyms' equipment might be better than others'. I'm pretty sure Curves is a franchise (or at least the local manager has to put out a lot of money), so there would undoubtedly be poorer and richer ones. A Curves nearest our son's school went out of business and  was looking for someone to cough up $12,000 to keep it running (which sounded kind of cheap but maybe a failing Curves is cheaper). Admittedly, franchises create problems by the terms and conditions they put on the franchise holders, but it sounds like your local outlet, Barb, might have been uniquely crappy... I don't know that I'd blame Curves overall without trying a different one, if you're interested in trying again. My neighbor said she did Curves for a while and "lost inches." That was a pretty succinct and persuasive thing to say.  :)
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Down a pound or more. Hard to say exactly because I had a bout with some kind of mild food poisoning last night, some of the loss might be just water weight from that! But the scale has me down a pound and a half this morning.
I think some franchises go for a certain amount, regardless of whether they're failing or not and others might require more if they're a successful business vs a failing business.  I'm not really sure how it works.  

You're right that the particular Curves I went to was out of the ordinary (being kind, here) and I have, actually considered trying a different facility.  There is one not terribly far from my home.  I'm having a difficult time making that choice right now due to the cost - Curves was $30+/month and there's a regular gym just down the road that I can join for just over $100/yr.  The gym offers a swimming pool with water aerobics (for people with arthritis and other pain issues), as well as yoga and other classes that one might want to join if you didn't want to spend a lot of time on the machines with the hairy young jocks.  One problem I struggle with is that I wonder if I'd use a membership as fully as I should.  I do have a treadmill here at home and I don't use it; why would I drive somewhere to use their treadmill if I don't use my own??  Don't try to answer; that's something only I can answer, but I can't do it here.

The advantage to a gym/Curves scenario is that exercising with someone tends to be more motivating and fun than exercising alone, no matter what that exercise is - at least for me...

I'm sorry to hear you had a food poisoning; I hope you're feeling better.  Congratulations on being down 1.5 pounds... Let's hope it's not from being ill.
Oh, I've gotta suspect at least some of it was from everything leaving me very fast in a 4-hour stretch. lol
Unfortunately, you're probably right.  Whenever that happens to me (not very often because I almost always have the opposite problem...lol), I just hope the weight stays off instead of coming back to haunt me...
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Hi all,

The struggle is real LOL.  But, since I've been working at a company with shared, collaborative workspace (which they started doing in April, 2018), we aren't allowed to eat at our desks which has been helpful.   NO SNACKING LOL ... It's been VERY beneficial to my seeing a 1 pound / month weight loss since April.  

However, I get worried with the holidays approaching .. I gained 8 lbs last year right after Nov/Dec.   It's been hard losing it.  The building where I work is huge .. I get good exercise steps in daily, but the willpower is hard.

How do you all handle the sweet temptations at the holidays?

Hi there...welcome.  Long time no see.  

I'm actually getting ready to start a new challenge soon and we'll be going into a "holding pattern" over the holidays and we'll have some tips and helpful hints for maintaining during the difficult times.  In the meantime, one of the best things I've found is to eat something healthy before going to a party or something so I'm not hungry enough to dive into the sweets.  Otherwise, opt for the healthiest things on the buffet table (assuming the host/hostess) considers those of us that either can't, or don't want to, eat a lot of "junky" food.  
Don't worry about the holidays -- enjoy yourself.  Your regular metabolism won't change from one Thanksgiving meal no matter how much you eat.  You have to overeat regularly for your metabolism to change and not be able to burn it off and return to your normal weight.  This is a marketing ploy to sell gym memberships and weight-loss products, it isn't true.  Having fun is as important to health as anything else, so enjoy the holidays.  Austerity is fine if you're a monk, but if you're not, a little hedonism stirs the pot.
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