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Thanksgiving Challenge!

Welcome to the Count Your Blessing Thanksgiving Challenge!

As we approach the holidays, it is a time of celebration with family and friends and one that culminates with food, conversation, shared blessings and treasured memories.  These are exactly the things we should think about and keep forefront in our minds as we start or continue our weight loss and exercise journey to a healthier lifestyle.  

We each have a choice to make as we face the holidays before us and if we truly enjoy our families, friendships and holiday festivities, we will want to partake in them for many years to come.  The best way to assure this is to be healthy enough physically to actively participate and to be here as the years come and go.

Three options are here for you to consider … (and, of course, there are many variations in between these as well …)

1.  Join the challenge, eat healthy up until and through Thanksgiving and learn nutritious and healthy recipes to change our lifestyle and provide the most nutritious holiday meal for our family and friends.

2.  Join the challenge, eat healthy up until Thanksgiving, eat anything you want during Thanksgiving, do not regret it and jump right back on track the day after Thanksgiving.  Realize you may gain several pounds but take it in stride as a planned event and enjoy it.

3.  Don’t join the challenge, indulge through the holidays and consider joining us on New Year’s for the New Year’s resolution of losing weight then.

Here is How The Challenge Works -

1. Challenge Starts On Monday The 17th And Will Run For 2 Weeks!

2 .You May Want to Set Your Goals To 1- 2 Pounds Per Week..

2. We will Be including a link for exercise, motivation and recipe of the day every day!

3 Report your daily progress under the motivational link of the day

4 .Invite Your Friends To Particpate And Join Hands In The Spirit Of Thanks Giving!

Best Wishes :)
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Iam Ready And God To Go!
566103 tn?1228385767
Im in guys

How have you been doing? I have a goal of 4lbs
649848 tn?1534633700
I'm in too.  I haven't  been doing well this past week due to more medical problems, so trying to get back on track.  Will start slow with a goal of 2 pounds and we can all rejoice if I make that and have to reset my goal??  
579258 tn?1250649343
OK everyone .. let's DO THIS Together!  Please know I am most Thankful for each of you .. you bless my life and motivate me daily.
483733 tn?1326798446
I'm at it.  Goal is 3 lbs.
Avatar universal
I am at it - my goal ANYTHING!!!!
168348 tn?1379357075
I'm in .. I guess back to the 3lb goal .. been tetering back and forth but not gaining, so this is good.

I'm definitely in.

Avatar universal
i am with you all i hope i can loose 2 kgm per week support from u all and trying to be wielldetermined on doing so let us goooooooooooooooooooooo
657315 tn?1319491387
I'm in and my goal is also 3lbs.
684175 tn?1295477838
I'm game!
Avatar universal
You know I'm in. I've already lost 1 more pound recently so I'm hoping for another one.
393685 tn?1425812522
I want to join - but how do you set the darn goal in the tracker?

Sometimes I swear I just am a dope!!
667937 tn?1227758698
You're not a ope hun. Go to your weight tracker and under where it has your weight today there is a link that says embed tracker click it and copy the html code next to the one you want to show and then paste it in your message here.  Hope I helped

Hugs Bren

P.S. I would love to join too pleaseeeeeeeeee

3 lbs for me!

667937 tn?1227758698
Hope this worked I thought i pasted it into the last message lol

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