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Trying to lose weight

Hello! I'm 22 years old, 5"5 138 pounds. I know this seems dangerous but my goal is to be 110 pounds by February 2017. I'm tried of feeling out of breathe and unhealthy. I need help. Yes I will continue to eat, mostly greens and pasta.
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Hi Mag.
Don't even think about it!
That's way below safety levels.
Even if you were a small frame female, you would
be well below the min. threshold for weight for your height, which should be 118 Lbs and if you're medium frame, the minimum should be 127 Lbs.
Cut out or at least reduce the pasta and other carbs, but you need healthy proteins daily for repairs and maintenance of tissues (nothing else in the diet can replace 50-70 BILLIONS of  dead cells daily!) and also healthy fats, vital for hormonal , neurological functions as well as for absorbing ALL the fat-soluble vitamins, including one of the most important vitamins in the body, which is vitamin D.
Get some exercise daily, start slow and gradually add intensity and always stay well-hydrated.
Avoid junk food, sweets, sodas and consume natural,
fresh, organic foods, pastured meats and eggs and
no-mercury fish.
Make sure you have good sources of iron and vitamin B12 .If you have specific symptoms or any questions, please post again.
Best wishes,
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If your weight and height are accurate, I'd suggest seeing an MD, as your weight shouldn't be causing shortness of breath. I know everyone is different but I am under 5 feet and weigh about 135 (I'm down from 170 in March 2016). I run, take karate, walk,  etc without having shortness of breath. I understand you may not be happy with your weight and/or appearance but I'd consider it to be very healthy. So unless you have he numbers mixed up, I would not try and lose more than 5 or so pounds and I'd absolutely speak with my primary about your shortness of breath.
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Sorry for the font errors. Apparently apostrophes are not accepted. Anyway I would consider seeing a doctor as your height and weight are very healthy and should not be the root cause of any health issues.
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