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There are a few questions I was not able to answering this morning and have to leave to meet with the hospice nurse and my sister to enroll my grandmother into hospice.  Then have to go to court to become her guardian, per her written directive from 1985.  (Since dad is gone, it falls to me.)

She is 101 and has lived a long life and is now down to 94 pounds.  She only eats a few bites now of pureed food and her liquids have to be thickened since she has difficulty swallowing/choking.  

We rejoice in having had her this long and she has been ready to go home for some time now.  This isn't a critical time at present and could be a fairly long process ... (under 6 months) ... but she is someone most special.  She and grandpa took us each weekend and took us to church, taught us to cook, sew, knit and croquet.  She hugged us, read to us, cared for us, played with us, disciplined us, loved us and taught us all about what a grandparent should be.  If you are so inclined, please pray she has a painless peaceful non-lingering transition ...  

As a family, we believe in being present with our newest arrivals (babies) and other family members at the time they pass ... it is an honor and a privilege to welcome them and to lovingly say good-bye from their earthly bounds.

Have a commitment this afternoon and evening .. but will work on answering those questions unanswered or those I may be able to add to tomorrow.

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Ranae -- I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother.  I've been through this kind of thing and expect to go through it again in the not too distant future for my elderly aunt (she's 90) with multiple problems..............

But I rejoice -- my grandfather lived to be 106, and hard as it is....... I know he's living "life everlasting".........

Praying for your entire family to be able to allow Grandma to go home in peace.......she will never be in pain again.........

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Forgot to mention -- due to my own "issues" I haven't had a lot of time to spend online either -- I will try to be online tomorrow to help with "unanswered" questions.    
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