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VALENTINE WISHES - What Are You Doing???

Happy VALENTINE'S DAY!!!  I think this holiday should be dedicated to YOU!  It is your caring hearts that make this such a great support community and a place where we can all come, be honest about the struggles and successes we experience, and not be judged .. but helped with suggestions, tips and information.  

You eagerly and freely encourage each other and motivate each other to succeed.  You should be very proud of yourself and, on this special "Heart" day .. rejoice in the fact that your journey is taking care of your physical heart as well as your emotional one.

What are you doing on this Valentine's Day to celebrate?  Do you have creative ways to stay on plan?  Are you allowing yourself a little indulgence in chocolate?  Have you thought of other ways to celebrate and enjoy a special treat without chocolate?  What are your tips for surviving Valentine's Day in a healthy way?

BIGGGGG HUGGGGSSSS and a Very Happy Valentine's Day to each of you!!!  
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Aw shucks.....*blush*.....thanks Ranae!  No chocolate here!  Although, I must admit that I had some in advance the other day.  Really good dark chocolate....at least it's the sort that has the health benefits to it.  One good square and I really enjoyed it.  ; )  

Today I will work and this evening I will make a nice chicken stir-fry for the family.  

What are everyone elses plans for the Valentine's holiday today?  ; )  
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Being single and unattatched suddenly has a benefit -  no naughty valentines temptations for me lol.... no big meal -  no chocolates... lol
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My husband is away visiting his father so I anticipated a quiet day.  But....my son is cooking dinner for his girlfriend and me.  Since he is an excellent cook and she's a nice girl I'm really looking forward to it.

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Getting ready to travel home.  Planning on picking up some sushi on the way home, clear soup (beef broth, green onions and mushrooms) and soy salad and then spending the evening online with some special friends.  

Going to light some candles and play some soft music, just for me .. and may color my hair and take a long soaky bath!  Just kind of feel like pampering me.  
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i did not have chocolates ok maybe i snuck one lil one outta my goodie bag but not Valentines ones lol! Me and DH went to see Coraline (pretty good i love 3-D) and went to this awesome steakhouse! reviews online were good so went there only ate half my chicken fried steak i been craving!! Their portion sizes are huge lol!!
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