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Has anyone done this diet and seen the results they were looking for? I'm very interested in Weight Watchers and would like to hear people's experiences to know I'm not going to wasting my time and money..... Any responses are welcome. THANKS.
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A few years back I started weight watchers and made the commitment to myself that I was going to make it work, and I did- I lost over 30 pounds in about 3-4 months and couldn't believe how good I felt.  I fell off the wagon when my husband and I were trying to have another baby and had loss after loss..........emotional eating and hormones for infertility helped me pack back on what I loss plus some.  I have decided to give it a go again, my husband and I are still trying for another baby and losing some of the weight can only help the process.  Weight Watchers is also one of the only diets that is approved by the American Diabetes Association.  I hope this helps, it's a great diet- the best thing is that you are able to have some of those tempting items, it just teaches you how pick the right foods and how to pay attention to perportion.  Let me know if you have any other questions!!!!  Good luck!!!!!
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I have gone to WW several time and the plan works as long as you follow it.  My problem is I stop tracking my points and I don't really like going to the meetings.  This time I'm doing WW online and so far I really like it.   Because all the information is already calculated for you it's easy to keep track of the points.

Good Luck   :)
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It works if you are committed. Also - it's important to like the moderator and to have a good group of people at the meetings. If you find you don't like the meetings, go to another one. They're everywhere. Other people helping to motivate you will help.

We had WW at work and I found that I couldn't get into it. Boring meetings and everyone around me cheating and they wanted me to cheat too, so they didn't feel alone. I only lost 5 lbs. Don't surround yourself with people who cannot support you.
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Okay I asked a friend of mine about WW. She lost 10 lbs (went from 155lbs to 144lbs). And she had a friend that lost 70 lbs in a year using WW!
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I am currently doing weight watchers. I couldn't seem to lose any weight but just one week on ww I have lost 2 lbs. I do believe it works. Plus you eat what you want just watch the portions and how many points it is.
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Thank you to all who have responded. I have joined WW online and I seem to like it very well. I can see how you can def lose the weight with WW. You def. do learn portion control and you eat lower calorie foods! I do know you have to work out during this diet which I have been so hopefully this will work for me. Thank you all for you input I started it Wednesday so I will keep you guys updated.
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Weight Watchers is a great program and helps teach you what to eat.  There are many sound programs that work, like South Beach Diet, the Adkins diet OR counting calories as I did.  

No matter what program you choose, just be sure it is centered around healthy food choices, moderate exercise and open your mind to new ways of thinking, preparing food and believing.  As with anything you decide to do or want to accomplish, it takes perseverance and hard work.

Now .. support is critical.  Hope you will all use the MedHelp WL&D Community for support as it can make the difference when working to stay motivated or getting through the plateaus.  Besides, the trackers here are awesome in allowing you to visually see your progress.  

So .. welcome and thanks for posting.  Looking forward to your participation and progress.  Very best wishes!!!

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Thanks everyone who responded... This has got to be the best diet for me! I love it I lost 6lbs in the first 6 days! I'm on my second week! I didn't know losing weight could be so easy!
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Congratulations on your 6 lb weight loss!  That is Fantastic and WW is an excellent program.  With all due respect, please remember that 6 lb a week is way above normal expectations and there may be weeks ahead where 1/2 to 3 lbs a week may be the range of loss.  Just remember, to keep moving forward and whether the loss is small or large, it is healthy food choices and moderate exercise that will bring you to your ultimate goal.  It is not a race .. it is a lifestyle .. and for your health.

Am soooo very happy for you and hope you will continue to actively participate in the community for additional support and to share information.  Very best wishes ... and looking forward to more progress reports!
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